Karmine Corp Valorant player reveals why he called Paper Rex playstyle “stupid”

Declan Mclaughlin

Karmine Corp were eliminated from VCT Masters Madrid and in their press conference after losing to Paper Rex, one of the Valorant players called Paper Rex’s playstyle “stupid.” He has since walked back the remark.

Karmine Corp were EMEA’s top Valorant seed at VCT Masters Madrid and showcased their skills by beating Fun Plus Phoenix in their first matchup.

The mixed nationality squad was unfortunately knocked out of the competition after losing to Sentinels and Paper Rex.

After their elimination match against Paper Rex, one of the veterans of KCorp called the VCT Pacific team’s playstyle “stupid” in a post-match press conference – a comment he has since clarified.

Magnum walks back Paper Rex comments on social media

Karmine Corp’s IGL, Martin ‘Magnum’ Peňkov, was asked after losing to Paper Rex what the VCT Pacific team did that caused him to struggle to make calls in the game.

“So for me personally on Bind on defense… I would say the playstyle is stupid in my opinion, or the way they play, the way they disrespect you… and I made a lot of stupid mistakes,” Magnum said in the press conference.

The IGL also pointed out how it is easy to deal with PRX’s balls-to-the-wall playstyle on Lotus, for example, but only when the team plays correctly.

Magnum has since walked back his statement, revealing what he meant to say about the VCT Pacific team.

“Btw I didn’t mean to call PRX’s playstyle overall stupid, I meant to talk mainly about them purposely throwing 5v3, etc, but who am I to talk, when I lost to them. Of course, they’re insane when they can do this against the best teams,” Magnum said on social media.

Fans of Valorant esports seem to be forgiving toward the Czech player, understanding that English is not his primary language and that he was coming off of a grueling loser-goes-home series.

KCorp will now go back to EMEA to rest up for league play while Paper Rex, LOUD, Sentinels and Gen.G prepare for the Masters Madrid Playoff Stage.