KCorp Valorant player trolls KOI during VCT match using team skin

Declan Mclaughlin

A Karmine Corp Valorant player used KOI’s team-branded Classic skin to troll the team mid-VCT match.

The VCT EMEA Kickoff tournament is down to its final four teams. Only two squads qualify for VCT Masters Madrid for a shot at international play early in the season. Every EMEA team had the chance to qualify through the event, and only the top teams have made it this far.

Karmine Corp is one of those teams, and it had to defeat another fan-favorite rival squad KOI to make it to the Playoff Stage. The French organization did not defeat the Spanish side without some style, though, as its players trolled KOI during the match.

Thanks to the release of team-branded VCT skins in the Valorant store, pro players have started to up their game when it comes to trash-talking and trolling teams while competing.

KCorp player tosses KOI Classic

Karmine Corp decimated KOI in their Play-In Stage matchup, taking the match 2-0 without letting the Spanish organization get more than 12 rounds across the series.

During the game on Bind, KCorp’s Ryad ‘Shin’ Ensaad decided to troll the enemy by using KOI’s Classic skin. After wiping out KOI in the second round, Shin picked up an enemy’s sidearm with the KOI branding and ran over to the back of the map to throw it off the side.

The creative taunt was showcased on the Riot Games broadcast, demonstrating the ongoing rivalry between the two teams.

With the introduction of the team bundles, and their use in professional matches to promote them, players now have access to more ways to troll their opponents or make statements about teams.

For example, a former 100 Thieves player used the organization’s skin in his first VCT match with another team but with a snake as its Gun buddy. Fans should expect more creative uses of VCT team skins in pro matches as the season goes on.

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