How to get Valorant-themed cosmetics on Discord

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Valorant parting with Discord

Discord has teamed up with Riot Games’ Valorant to release a collection of limited-edition profile effects and avatar decorations. Here’s everything you need to know about this collaboration.

Discord unveiled the idea of profile effects and avatar decorations back in November of 2023. These cosmetics add character and further customization to a Discord user’s account.

Certain cosmetics can be acquired through Nitro, which requires a subscription costing up to $9.99 per month. However, those without Nitro can still purchase the profile effects and avatar decorations from the shop, priced between $5.99 and $11.99.

Here is how Discord users can purchase and use the company’s new collaboration with Valorant on their profiles.

How to get the new Discord Valorant collab

The new Valroant cosmetics can be found under the Discord Shop located on the main page. This is where other cosmetics from previous releases can be found by scrolling down.

There are five new avatar decorations and three new profile effects. Omen, Reyna, Jett, and Clove are all featured in the first iteration of this collab. The game’s newest agent Clove seems to be the focus of the cosmetics.

Each avatar decoration and profile effects cost $15.99 for users without Nitro and $11.99 for those with a subscription.

Valorant collab with Discord
Valorant’s cosmetic collaboration with Discord

Avatar decorations

  • A Hint of Clove
  • Omen’s Cowl
  • Reyna’s LEer
  • Blade Storm

Profile effects

  • Clove’s Ruse
  • The Immortal Clove
  • ACE

Before purchasing these cosmetics, users can preview how they will appear with their current profile by clicking on them. Once clicked the option to buy the cosmetic or send it as a gift will appear on the screen.

The Discord and Valorant collab is only available for a limited time. Users have from March 27 to May 7 to purchase them. Discord has yet to reveal whether they will add new agent themes in the future.

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