Discord launches new Valorant profile decorations & fans want more

Dylan Horetski
Discord valorant

Discord has launched a new set of Valorant avatar and profile decorations on the in-app shop, leaving fans wanting more.

Discord launched its in-app shop in late 2023, allowing users to buy cosmetics for their profiles as well as their avatar.

Since then, the popular messaging app has continued to add various themed bundles, and users flock back to the shop to check them out.

The latest bundle, released on March 28, is themed around Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 2 and the unveiling of the game’s newest agent, Clove.

“Today, we’re super excited to bring you our limited-time VALORANT collection: a new set of Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects featuring fan-favorite Agents Jett, Reyna, and Omen. Joining them is the newest Agent revealed this week: Clove,” the blog reads.

They also shared the news on Twitter/X, which, on top of enamoring the Valorant community, prompted requests for collabs with games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike.

“I WILL BE BUYING ALL OF THESE,” one user replied, “WAIT THIS IS AWESOME,” another said.

“This is actually cool. Excited to see what collabs are cooked up in the future,” a third commented.

The Valorant bundle is only available in the shop until May 7, 2024, so if you want to decorate your profile with designs from Valorant, there is a schedule to keep in mind.

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