How to bunny-hop in Valorant

Riot Games

Bunny-hopping in Valorant can free up players for fast rotations around the map or reposition around during a fight, and here’s everything you’ll need to know to practice the technique in game.

To develop the skills to make bunny-hopping, also known as strafe-jumping, work for players, practice synchronizing aim placement while moving side-to-side with the ‘A’ key and ‘D’ key.

The method ‘Jack_Dice’ shows players how to get a reliable hop going to overcome Agent abilities such as Sage’s Slow Orb, almost completely negating its effect.

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Riot Games
Bunny-hopping in Valorant could be the difference in winning a fight.

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Going into the Practice Range, Jack_Dice showed how to pull off the movement by holding ‘W’ to go forward until reaching a ‘full sprint’ then continuously jumping while alternating between looking left with ‘A’ held down and right with ‘D’ held down.

There are more streamlined ways that will give you a better string of hops, resulting in quicker forms for the technique. But Jack_Dice gives a baseline understanding of how Valorant handles bunny-hopping.

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A few tips he outlined to nail down the bunny-hops are to practice crosshair placements to be at head-level, and binding jump to your scroll wheel (up or down) to get off the ground more reliably.

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To reiterate, Jack_Dice’s method can help new players get the concept for how it relates to Valorant, but it isn’t the only way to pull it off.

User ‘Jhad31’ noted in the thread that holding W, forward, isn’t required. In fact, they “found it easier and much more consistent, especially as a beginner to understand it with W held.”

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That’s because learning without holding W as a training wheel can give players the freedom to bunny-hop to the side (hence: strafe-jumping) and even backwards.

Mendokusaii via Jack_Dice
Bunny-hopping in Valorant can actually make it easy to beat certain abilities like Sage’s slow.

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The same movement has been seen since the dawn of competitive FPS titles like Quake and later Counter-Strike. Learning how to strafe-jump only increases a player’s chances of beating an opponent to an angle or getting out of a tricky situation as fast as possible.

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A key to bunny-hopping in Riot’s new game is to consistently practice. Find what isn’t working or where a correction could be made to make your movement a lot more fluid in the Valorant.

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