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Shroud, Summit1g, more take on Valorant devs – Full results

Published: 9/Apr/2020 12:24

by Jacob Hale


On Wednesday, April 8, some of the top streamers in the world took on Riot Games developers at their new FPS masterpiece Valorant in a competitive showmatch, and it certainly opened some eyes to how well the game can be played.

The showmatch brought together some of the most talented FPS players in the streaming world to face off against the brains who had designed and built the game from scratch.


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, Jardy ‘summit1g’ Lazar, Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham, Coby ‘dizzy’ Meadows and Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom were chosen to fly the streamer flag, but came out looking slightly worse for wear.

Riot Games
Valorant broke multiple Twitch records in its opening day beta streams.

Many believed that despite the developers’ stronger map and game knowledge, the sheer ability of the streamers would get them the win, but that ultimately proved not to be the case – and it wasn’t even close.


While Valorant looks similar to CS:GO in its map design and gunplay, the showmatch proved that raw gunskill alone isn’t going to get you many wins. Game and Agent knowledge are paramount, especially with the abilities, and that’s exactly what helped the devs get such dominant wins in the three maps played.

Valorant showmatch results

Map Developers Streamers
Bind 13 3
Haven 13 5
Split 13 2

All three maps can be watched on caster Goldenboy’s stream, with the clip handily embedded below – just head to the timestamp 02:24:40 to start watching from right before the first map.

Clearly, none of the maps were even close, with the streamer team failing to even surpass five rounds won – proving that no matter how the game is being played in its beta stage, there is still a whole lot to learn for even those we consider the best.


Once the matches had finished, shroud simply said that “we are in a classroom right now,” clearly impressed at what he had seen and delighted to be learning the optimal way of playing Valorant in its current state.

Once the game has released in Summer 2020 and the best players have got some practice in, it would be interesting to see this matchup again – and find out if shroud, summit and co. have finally caught up.


DaZeD enters Valorant with T1, joining former iBP CSGO teammates

Published: 13/Oct/2020 3:49

by Brad Norton


Veteran Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Sam “Dazed” Marine has made his return to active competition, rejoining former iBUYPOWER teammates in Valorant under the T1 banners.

T1’s professional Valorant roster is almost complete. While Braxton ‘brax’ Pierce was announced way back in March as the first official pro player in Riot’s tactical FPS, the roster is still being finalized to this day.


The former core with Austin ‘crashies’ Roberts and Victor ‘food’ Wong didn’t quite work out as the duo moved on to Team Envy. This left roles to fill alongside brax, Keven ‘AZK’ Larivière, and Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham.

Making his entry into competitive Valorant, Dazed was announced as T1’s fourth on October 12. He joins his former iBUYPOWER CS:GO teammates as the majority of the 2013-2015 powerhouse team is now back in action together.


The 31-year-old competitor has a long history in FPS titles. He began competing in CS back in 2008 and played his final pro matches in 2018. From major wins in the biggest events at the time to multiple championship-caliber rosters, he enters Valorant as the most experienced competitor on T1.

Alongside his former iBUYPOWER teammates, they took home multiple trophies and tens of thousands in prizing. However, their run couldn’t have ended in a more controversial way. Both Dazed and AZK were banned from competing in CS:GO for matchfixing in 2015.

While Dazed returned to the scene as an analyst for quite some time and still competed in a handful of online leagues, this will be his first time properly competing alongside his former teammates in roughly six years.


Amidst the roster-building process, T1 hasn’t competed in a Valorant event since August 27. Their entry onto the scene started well with a second-place finish in the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown.

The original lineup failed to keep the momentum rolling, however, dropping four consecutive Top 12 event finishes before stepping back.

The team is still yet to announce its fifth and final member. However, Skadoodle confirmed that the “lineup is complete.” With a good mix of former teammates and veteran talent now locked in, there’s a good chance the final addition is another familiar face.


Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks. T1’s fifth member will soon be public as they look to rejoin active competition in the near future.