Hilarious Valorant Brimstone glitch costs team their match

Bill Cooney

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]A new visual glitch for Brimstone is throwing Valorant players for a loop, as it practically removes the visual effects from his Orbital Strike ultimate ability.

Brimstone’s ultimate calls down an airstrike that deals heavy damage to any enemies unfortunate enough to get caught within its area of effect. It also has visual effects that cut off line of sight if you’re inside – except when this obvious glitch decides to pop up.

Valorant's Brimstone.
Brimstone’s ultimate is one of the best at denying space in Valorant.

In the clip below from Reddit user daonlydagger, Brimstone is the last on their team alive, while the enemy Viper is lurking in the B Garage on Split. 

In an attempt to finish up the round, they call down Orbital Strike on the Garage – but it doesn’t appear to pass through the roof, leaving a clear window for Viper to shoot through and take out Brimstone for the win.

However, users in the comments insisted that while it doesn’t look like the ultimate went through, it actually did (well, the damage from the ultimate did, at least).

“But Dexerto,” you might be asking, “If the damage also goes through, why doesn’t Viper get hit?” Well, if you look closely at where Brimstone sends their ultimate, and where Viper is, you’ll see that it was an unlucky ult placement that wasn’t going to hit her, anyway.

If the visual effects of the ultimate had gone through though, Viper wouldn’t have been able to see Brimstone, and the round could have ended very differently.

Somehow Viper managed to slither away from Brimstone’s ult, in this case at least.

Even though it just seems to be a visual glitch and not an outright broken ultimate, it still greatly affects how Brimstone’s ultimate is used and what it does (or doesn’t do) to enemies.

Hopefully Riot devs decide to fix this bug before too long, but until then, even if you don’t see Brimstone’s ultimate, when you hear him “Open up the skies” it’s probably wise to make sure you’re not about to get deleted – no matter where you are.

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