Hiko blasts Riot for “trash” Valorant ranked system after Episode 2 overhaul

Published: 21/Jan/2021 6:58

by Andrew Amos


While Valorant’s Episode 2 ranked overhaul has satisfied some players, for those at the top like Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin, it’s been painful. The 100 Thieves pro has blasted Riot for their FPS title’s “trash” system, saying it needs massive fixes urgently to save ranked.

A clear points system and leaderboards. That’s all Valorant players really wanted in their ranked system. However, it appears that they’ve gotten a bit more than they’ve bargained for, and it’s drastically impacting the experience.

The Hidden MMR system implemented alongside Rank Rating and Leaderboards in Episode 2 has come under fire from players. While it’s been okay for regular players, those near the top have had to deal with unbalanced lobbies, long queues, and few rank gains.

It’s reached boiling point now, with Hiko blasting Riot for the “trash” overhaul. He used teammate Asuna ⁠— who is currently rank one in NA on his smurf ⁠— as an example on his January 20 stream, showing huge flaws in the system.

“It takes longer to get games on his main account than his alt account, and his alt account is literally rank one. He thinks his [MMR] on his Platinum 3 account is higher than his #1 Radiant account, and that right there is why the ranking system right now is trash,” Hiko claimed.

Hiko playing CS:GO for Team Liquid
Hiko believes big changes are required to save Valorant’s current ranked system.

“I think they fixed it maybe, but I tried it on the first day, and I couldn’t get a game at all. I said ‘f**k this’ and played on this account, which was Radiant last Act, but I just got into Radiant,” Asuna added.

Hiko himself isn’t faring much better in Diamond 3. His account, which he claims was around “Top 30” in Episode 1: Act 3 is placed against other top players despite not even being in Radiant. He has questioned how the system is balanced, and it needs major work.

“I feel like lately I’ve just been trashing Riot…but I’ll definitely defend myself in saying that the rank system right now is complete trash. It was bad before because so many people were Radiant and Immortal that didn’t deserve to be.”

“The problem before was the skill disparity in each rank was so wide. Now it’s like, the skill disparity between Platinum and Radiant ⁠— it’s hard to explain, it’s just bad.”

“It’s impossible sometimes to win because you always play against people in the same boat, or people who are actual Radiants. You end up playing with people on your team who are complete bots, and against you, it feels like teams are super unfair or uneven.”

It comes as Riot promised more fixes to Valorant’s ranked system after patch 2.01. With the new system only being a week old, as time goes on, things will equalize. Riot is asking for players’ patience in the meanwhile.

“It’s been one week, we just completely overhauled the entire ranked system, and the game is still less than a year old. We have a lot to improve, learn, and new features and things to implement. I think the one thing, I hope, that I can assure people of is that we are going to make changes and improve Valorant Ranked,” developer Jon ‘EvrMoar’ Walker said on Reddit.


Bronze Overwatch streamer explains how he climbed to Grandmaster

Published: 23/Feb/2021 19:29

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch Twitch streamer Asa has been playing the game since all the way back in Season 4 where he began his journey down in Bronze. Despite placing so far down the rank totem pole, he managed to eventually reach GM, but how?

Ranking up in Overwatch can be a serious grind. After playing five placement games on a desired role, the game will put you in a skill rating tier ranging all the way Bronze to Master with players then having to win to reach Grandmaster.

This grind can take a long time, however. Wins earn players around 20 SR, so the journey from say a 2,500 Platinum Rank to 3,500 Master can take many matches.

For Asa, he first began with only 800 SR, but over time, he managed to climb through multiple ranks to reach the highest peak he’s at today with 4,018.

Speaking to Dexerto, the 16-year-old explained how he managed to pull it off and the challenges he faced along the way.

One major problem he had to overcome was hardware limitations. “The hardware I used was awful. Dealing with an awful setup was the main thing that held me back,” he explained.

“Hardware improvement was a very gradual process, and although it helps, it doesn’t define a player,” he added. “You can play on 60fps with a $10 mouse and be better than someone with a decked out setup.”

Hanzo looks on shocked
Blizzard Entertainment
Going from Bronze to GM is an impressive feat.

According to Asa, his biggest improvement method came from playing in an organized setting and joining a team. “I found coaching there and over the years it has shaped me as a player the most out of anything. I highly recommend looking into organized teamplay if you’re trying to improve because it truly is an incredible source for learning.”

Despite going from Bronze to Gold in just two seasons, he did face some difficulties in Platinum and Diamond before eventually breaking through to reach Masters and Grandmaster four seasons later.

That all said, the Canadian believes the best way for anyone stuck in low ELOs to “realize that you’re no better than your teammates and you deserve the rank you have.”

Sombra activates EMP on Lijang Control Center
Blizzard Entertainment
Ranking up can be a serious grind.

“A lot of players in all ranks struggle with ego, and I used to as well. The only true way to climb is to understand what level you’re at and working hard at trying to improve. It’s a pretty simple formula: you get better than the people at your rank, you win more games. Simple as that,” the streamer stated.

For anyone currently stuck in ELO hell, following in Asa’s footsteps could be as simple as setting your ego aside and focusing on yourself. After all, if he can do it, what’s stopping you?