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Riot responds to Valorant “hidden MMR” concerns after Episode 2 ranked criticism

Published: 15/Jan/2021 6:02

by Andrew Amos


Valorant’s new Rank Rating system with points has been a hit with players in Episode 2, except for one thing. The ranked reset, with new “hidden MMR,” has made it almost impossible to climb at high ranks. However, Riot is aware of the issue.

Valorant Episode 2 introduced a new lot of changes to the game’s ranked queue. The “arrows system” has been replaced by a clear points system called Rank Rating (RR), leaderboards have been added, and more.

However, the change that’s currently having the most impact is the introduction of a new “hidden MMR” (matchmaking rating) system.


“So our previous system was a little more tied to your MMR, almost 1:1. There were some rules that made you deviate, slightly, where your rank wouldn’t be exactly your MMR, but that would self correct pretty quick,” designer Jon ‘EvrMoar’ Walker explained on Reddit.

“In the new system, you can get high MMR and say you belong in that rank, but you prove you belong at that rank by consistently playing at that MMR.”

Valorant ranks
Riot Games
Valorant’s new ranked system has ditched the “arrows” for clear-cut points called Rank Rating.

With players’ visible ranks being detached from a backend rank Riot uses for matchmaking to influence RR gains, it’s led to some unforeseen consequences.


The rank reset took everyone Diamond and above down to Platinum 3. Players who were Immortal or Radiant last season are stuck there, trading games with other players who finished at their rank.

However, players who finished in Diamond or high-Platinum are blazing up the leaderboards right into Radiant. Although they’re the same rank, their matchups are easier and they can break through the gridlock at Platinum 3 without having to face the top players.

This has been widely criticized by players, especially pros. While they’re stuck grinding endlessly in Platinum, those who finished lower in previous seasons are getting the privilege of being the “First Radiant” in their region.


Riot can’t do much now ⁠— it’ll be unheard of to reset the ranks once again ⁠— but they’re looking at future fixes.

“We are open to feedback on how this feels and will consider adjusting for future Act/Episode starts. The original intent was to make it so players who were previously Diamond+ need to prove their ability to get back to their previous rank,” engineer Justin ‘JustJob’ O’Brien said.


Riot isn’t ruling out an MMR reset on top of a ranked reset in future Acts to help balance out all ends of the table either. However, they’re still looking at doing it without being too disruptive.


“Resetting MMR is something we are thinking about. I don’t think it’s entirely needed…that being said, if our MMR numbers get out of control it is a way to prevent MMR creep. It’s something we are talking about,” EvrMoar added.

“I definitely understand the frustrations and concerns about not being able to get to the leaderboard due to prior rank/MMR. While these players are being rewarded for getting there quickly now, the players that end up at the top at the end of the season are what matter in terms of your act rank.”

Any changes will be shipped at earliest for Episode 2 Act 2, which is set for release in March.