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When is Valorant Rated mode going live? Return date, ranks, more

Published: 4/Jun/2020 10:17 Updated: 15/Jun/2020 19:00

by Andrew Amos


Valorant’s full launch is finally here, but one key feature is missing from the closed beta. The Rated queue is still disabled, meaning ranked play is out of the question for now. But when is it making its return?

If you were looking at continuing your grind to the top echelons of Valorant, you might have to put on the brakes. Valorant’s Rated queue wasn’t shipped with the full launch of the game, closing down competitive ranked play.

It won’t be gone forever ⁠— the competitive playlist will be back soon. How soon though? You might have to wait a few weeks…

What is Valorant Rated mode?

If you need a quick refresher, or have no idea what it is, Valorant’s Rated queue is for ranked play. Players can queue up for a competitive game, with their hard-earned rank on the line. It plays out just like an Unrated game, but obviously there’s some extra incentive to winning. Playing in Rated queue won’t give you extra XP (unlike other games), but that may change in the future.

You can queue up for Rated with as many friends as you like. The game will try and balance teams based on the amount of pre-made squads, their size, and the collective ranks of everyone in a game.

Riot Games
To access Valorant’s Rated queue, you must first play 20 Unrated matches.

What are the ranks in Valorant?

Valorant’s ranking system is similar to League of Legends. There are eight overall ranks:

In each tier, there’s three divisions, except for the top rank — aptly named, Valorant. Unlike League of Legends, you don’t have to play a promotion series to go between divisions and ranks ⁠— instead you just go up and down as your matchmaking rating (MMR) changes.

Valorant rank guide
Riot Games
There are three divisions in every rank, except for Valorant.

When is Rated mode coming to Valorant?

Valorant’s Rated queue didn’t launch with the live servers, but it’s coming soon. While there’s no confirmed date yet, Riot has let players in on a potential release window for Rated queue.

“We’re not going to be launching with ranked, probably turning it on in a few weeks once everything’s stable,” Valorant communications lead ‘Pwyff’ said prior to the game’s full release.

On June 15, Riot Game’s Joe Ziegler informed fans that Valorant’s rated competitive mode would be returning “sometime next week” which means we could see it anytime from June 22 – 26, so the theories that had it arriving at the end of this month seemed to be pretty close to the money.

If you were wondering about your progress transferring from the closed beta, there’ll be some conditions. While everyone’s ranks will be reset, and you’ll be tossed back into playing your placements, you’ll still have a hidden MMR similar to your closed beta one.

This means if you finished in Diamond or above, you won’t be starting out in Iron, but maybe Gold or Platinum instead.

If you are a ranked warrior, don’t stress. There’s still plenty of reasons to jump into Valorant, despite Rated queues not being up. You can brush up on your skills in Unrated, and make sure you can start your ranked grind off on the right foot.


Valorant Act 3 Battlepass Epilogue Chapter: Rewards & how to complete

Published: 27/Oct/2020 15:57

by Nate Searl


Valorant’s Act 3 Battlepass includes a new Epilogue Chapter where you can earn bonus rewards. Here is a look at the bonus rewards and how you can add them to your collection. 

Act 3 in Valorant is in full swing and Riot is giving players more ways to earn rewards with the Act 3 Battlepass. Like with all Battlepass rewards, these items will be exclusive and you won’t be able to get them any other way. Here are the rewards and how you can earn them.

How to get to the Epilogue Chapter

The Battlepass currently consists of 10 chapters with five tiers per chapter. You can begin the Act 3 epilogue chapter after you complete the first 50 tiers of the Battlepass. There are two ways to complete the Battlepass:

  1. Gain tiers by getting experience from playing and completing daily and weekly quests.
  2. Pay 300 Valorant Points to gain an individual tier.

If you want to complete the Battlepass and reach the epilogue without paying real money for Valorant Points, you will need to play a lot.

Completing the daily quests every day is extremely important, as you can earn 4,000 extra experience per day doing this. Getting the weekly quests done is absolutely mandatory, as this is where you get a huge bulk of your experience.


Like the other chapters, the Epilogue Chapter has five tiers, each with an exclusive reward. Here they are:

  1. Discotech Gun Buddy
  2. 10 Radianite Points
  3. 10 Radianite Points
  4. 10 Radianite Points
  5. Versus // Vandal + Phantom Card
Valorant Act 3 Epilogue Chapter
Riot Games
Epilogue Chapter Rewards

You will only be able to earn these rewards through experience and you cannot pay Valorant Points for them. This means that you will need to get them started as soon as possible to ensure you have time to finish them up.

You aren’t in too much of a rush yet, however, as Act 3 in Valorant doesn’t end for another 77 days. This should give you plenty of time to get through the Battlepass and get the rewards. Just remember to keep grinding away those games and quests each day to get as much experience as you can.