Fox-inspired Valorant Agent concept brings magic to Future Earth

Lauren Bergin
Valorant Agent kitsune Feature Image

Yoru has just entered the Valorant world with Episode 2, and the Japanese Agent has already started causing havoc. This awesome Agent design though would add another Japanese face to the fray in the form of Kitsune, the Sentinel Agent. 

Since the release of Valorant, the fanbase has been coming up with a whole host of creative concepts for characters that they’d like to see in-game.

We’ve seen concepts like Mamuro, the Radianite infused Samurai warrior, as well as Phase, the sound-bending menace. Both of these have been Initiator class Agents though, so we were excited when we saw this new concept was for a different class: Sentinel.

Enter Kitsune, the Japanese fox Goddess and nature witch who would be a dominant force on Future Earth.

Kitsune, a cute but deadly Sentinel

MM Artista‘s Kitsune concept draws on ancient Japanese mythology, as the fox has become a major part of the country’s folklore. Foxes have been everything from shapeshifters to messengers, as well as being heavily intertwined with witchcraft and mysticism.

The artist has beautifully incorporated this into her design. They describe her as “experienced in the art of witchcraft, she peeks behind enemy lines and tracks them easily. Enjoy the protection and the subtlety of foxes and surprise your enemies, always one step ahead of everyone.”

A series of awesome abilities also accompany this mysterious description. All of her abilities focus on her wild nature based talents, with her Fur Shield, Fox Tail and Fox Paws all relating directly to her animal heritage. Her ultimate, Invisibility Totem, also follows this pattern. The totem is in the shape of the iconic fox mask (aptly called a Kitsune mask) that can often be seen worn at Japanese festivals and rituals.

Kitsune’s abilities

In her overview of the sneaky Agent’s abilities, MM Artista provides us with a host of interesting details regarding how the character would function in-game.

The coolest of her abilities has to be her Fox Paws, which utilize her mystical talents to create footsteps that will distract her enemies. Talk about being crafty like a fox!

Here are her abilities:

  • Ability 1 – Fox Tail: Equips a foxtail that is visible and relatively large, but that is immune to damage and leaves an almost invisible trail on the ground with a width of 2 meters and a maximum extension of 15 meters wherever she passes. Any enemy passing over the trail can be seen on the map by Kitsune. The skill is active for 10 seconds.
  • Ability 2 – Fox Paws: Equip Fox Paws that last 2.5 seconds and cause enemies to not know from which direction the sound of her footsteps come from. Recharge every 30 seconds.
  • Signature Ability  – Fur Shield: Summons the protective power of foxes and creates a shield that leaves her immune to damage and lasts for two seconds. She is unable to shoot while this ability is active.
  • Ultimate Ability – Invisibility Totem: Place a medium-sized invisibility totem on the floor that emits sound within 15 meters and allows Kitsune and the closest ally will be invisible for 7 seconds. However, while running or shooting they are visible again and if the totem is broken the effect is immediately canceled.

Kitsune's abilities concept

This design really knocks it out of the park. Uploaded on December 17, the similarities between Kitsune and the newest Agent, Yoru, are astounding. MM Artista was very much ahead of the game, and it would make a lot of sense if we say Agents from the same ethnic background have similar ability styles.

We also love the magical element of her character design, as her lore makes her stand out from the pack. She’s the embodiment of a modernized version of traditional Japanese culture, and she’d make the perfect addition to the battlefields of Future Earth.

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