EXCEL enter Valorant by signing former G2 star Davidp

EXCEL announce Valorant RosterEXCEL Esports

EXCEL have announced their entry into Valorant with the signing of former G2 Esports star David ‘Davidp’ Prins, with the squad gearing up for a big debut in VCT Stage 2 in April.

  • EXCEL enter Valorant with captain Davidp.
  • The org has history in Riot’s esports ecosystem with their League of Legends team.
  • Aims to compete in VCT Stage 2.

With Valorant’s esports scene truly up and running, EXCEL have elected to take to Future Earth with former G2 Esports star Davidp as captain.

The org has already built a successful esports dynasty across League of Legends and Fortnite, and have therefore chosen Valorant as their next title of choice.

Davidp: “I don’t care who they are, I’m sure we’re going to beat them”

Davidp being benched from G2 Esports after dominant Ignition Series run stunned fans everywhere, but it’s pretty clear he has no plans to let it get to him.

He told Dexerto that “I don’t care who they are — G2, Fnatic, Vitality — I’m sure we’re going to beat them, and we will.”

To do so, a change up in play style is on the cards for the Belgian. “I want to be more flexible now,” he told Dexerto, noting that he “want[s] to play more Agents now.”

“I want a team where people can switch Agents. I don’t want to run a single comp on every map. I want to be ready to face all the different playstyles that we’re going to face.”

Kieran Holmes-Darby: “We just clicked”

EXCEL co-founder and Chief Gaming Officer Kieran Holmes-Darby gave us some insight into the selection of Davidp as EXCEL’a captain.

“From our first chats to be honest we just clicked on what we were trying to achieve, and I loved his hunger, his ambition and I could tell how excited he was from our first conversation. I could just see that he was super super motivated to get back to where he wanted to be, which was winning championships in Europe.”

“We love his personality and we think he’s the perfect player to build a roster around.”

What’s next for EXCEL?

With the final squad still being finalised, the org are looking to secure a place in VCT Stage 2, with eyes set towards the Masters Iceland LAN event.

EXCEL Valorant Roster

Player Previous Team Position
David ‘Davidp’ Prins G2 Esports Captain/IGL