Disguised Toast & tarik chime in on DSG’s Valorant future after team drops to relegation

Jeremy Gan

Disguised Toast has shared new insight on the future of his professional Valorant team, which has been dropped into relegation and must fight to keep its spot in Challengers NA, having gone 0-5 in the split. 

Coming into the second split of Challengers NA, DSG was billed as a fan favorite to make it into the playoffs after the signing of who was arguably 2022’s best player, Jacob ‘yay’ Whitaker

However, after a string of losses saw them ending the split 0-5, it is almost guaranteed the squad will have to play relegation to keep its spot in Challengers NA.

In a co-stream of DSG’s final match of the split against TSM on May 16, Toast decided to talk to tarik, who was also co-streaming the match. Together, the two pondered the team’s future. 

“It is selling him short by not looking at his successes of starting this from scratch, picking out five players and going through the gruesome qualifiers and making it into challengers,” tarik said about Disguised’s project.

After some sarcastic remarks, Toast decided to talk about the team’s future with a serious tone. 

“In the first week of June we will be playing to keep our spot in challengers, OREsports and Mad Lions we’ll definitely see you there,” he said of DSG’s upcoming relegation matches. He even pointed out they’ve beaten both teams before, showing confidence in their ability to rebound after a string of losses. 

“If we beat both those teams we stay in Challengers. But at this point, I don’t think we can beat anyone,” Toast added. While seemingly joking, tarik immediately encouraged Toast to not look down on their future.

“They should just be focusing on the relegation the entirety of this time because these matches could’ve just been confidence boosters,” tarik said. “Relegation is the next step.”

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