Disguised drops League roster despite monumental NACL win

Carver Fisher
Disguised drops entire NACL roster

Disguised’s League roster turned the NACL upside-down by winning it all in a decisive playoffs run, but it’s been announced that the team won’t be sticking together for 2024.

It’s been a big year for content creator run orgs. Between Moist’s success across multiple titles, the ever growing fanbases of both KOI and KCorp in Europe, and Disguised Toast’s organization has managed to find success in League of Legends right after things didn’t go nearly as well in Valorant.

However, Disguised has had a particularly hard time making money and solidifying a roster due to how Tier 2 competition works in Riot esports.

Despite the team coming together and looking like they were near LCS-caliber as a 5-man squad, the entire roster has disbanded following their win. According to Toast, this was a purposeful move to give these players the best shot they can have at making it to the LCS.

Disguised drop their League roster following NACL win

Toast spoke at length with Dexerto about the struggles of operating a team within the Tier 2 ecosystem. Its nature as a developmental league makes it extraordinarily hard to keep a team together once the season is over given that the best players the league has to offer will likely want to ascend to greatness in the LCS.

In the moments right after the win, his players were already getting asked about where they’d like to end up next. So, instead of trying to contract jail his players and retain them, Disguised has opted to let them go and look for opportunities on their own.

Toast revealed that he only planned to keep these players until the end of the season regardless of the final result, saying that he wanted each player to be able to “pursue LCS opportunities freely and without any kind of restrictions” to give them the best chance at turning their win into a career.

“As an NACL team, there is currently no pathway for any DSG players to work their way up to the LCS as long as they remain on the team. We would vouch for each of their work ethics and encourage all LCS teams to give them a trial.”

However, it’s not over for Disguised. Toast plans to double down on the scene and put together an entirely new roster for 2024.

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