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Cloud9 TenZ reveals big Valorant changes he wants from future updates

Published: 26/Nov/2020 16:10 Updated: 27/Nov/2020 8:20

by Lauren Bergin


Cloud9’s TenZ has become a behemoth in the Valorant world, so when he speaks people listen. A recent Twitter thread to Riot Games has shown several game features that need fixed.

Former CS:GO pro turned Valorant legend Tyson ‘Tenz’ Ngo has always openly expressed his opinions on Riot Games’ flagship FPS, positive or negative.

On a recent stream the player effectively ended the Phantom versus Vandal debate when he realised that the Phantom has pinpoint accuracy while running and gunning.

In a recent Twitter thread though, TenZ has challenged Valorant’s developers to make some essential adjustments to the game’s interface, picking up on this hip-fire accuracy issue once more.


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TenZ is a Valorant legend so when he talks, people listen.

Adjustments that TenZ thinks Riot need to make to Valorant

In an extended Twitter rant about the current state of the game, TenZ had a lot to say about running and gunning, fire range, and ziplines.

TenZ’s first bone of contention is the accuracy associated with running and gunning. When running with rifles, the C9 legend claims that he can hits shots far too easily, and that to make the game more realistic and less overpowered Riot needs to adjust this.

The second part of his Tweet goes on to discuss the Classic. Noticing that when right-clicking and jumping the Classic seems to one-shot things at long range, he specifically asks Riot to adjust the damage dropoff for medium-long range shots. This is especially important when you consider the first round of every Valorant match is a pistol round.


The final adjustment that TenZ believes Riot has to implement is with zipwires. He has found out the hard way that when using the ziplines players have nearly perfect accuracy, again something that is both unrealistic and will give players easy kills if they take to the high ground.

Just to cement his case even further, he drops some videos showing exactly what he means in the comments, making his argument bulletproof (literally).

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Riot takes these points into consideration on their next patch, or whether they’ll be dismissed as just a pro player having a good old Twitter rant.


Hopefully, this gets sorted as it makes the game a nightmare to play and will cause many a player to call it quits. We’ll see what happens in patch 1.13, but hopefully, it’ll be a lucky patch for TenZ.