Bizarre Valorant bug breaks Omen’s teleport completely

André González Rodríguez. Last updated: Dec 22, 2021
Omen teleport bug
Riot Games

A Valorant bug, believed to have been caused by an attempt at fixing Omen and Sage’s ability to get out of the map, has been discovered that breaks Omen’s teleport ability completely.

Valorant’s resident spectral being is key to any team composition – the amount of utility he brings is undeniable. His ability to disrupt his enemies with both his Paranoia and Dark Cover is crucial for gaining agent advantages on the map.

On top of that, his ultimate ability From the Shadows is a great way for a team to find a flank angle or get more information on the map or their opponents.

One ability Omen is most known for though, is his teleport ability or his Shrouded Step. As an agent that already has a good amount of utility, having a teleport puts all of these together when done properly.

valorant controller omen
Riot Games
Omen is a great addition to any temp comp

Bizarre Valorant bug makes Omen’s teleport completely broken

In a video, by Reddit user Goldentoasti on the Valorant subreddit, Omen’s teleport ability can be seen as not working properly. Normally, players that play him press their teleport ability, use the marker on the spot they’d wish to teleport to, and appear there upon pressing the ability. But the clip showed that this isn’t the case.

As per the video, Omen can still teleport to a specific location but the ability’s marker can randomly change location upon activation. Meaning, that players will end up in a slightly different position. 


A small position change like this might be minor in the grand scheme of things, but a bug like this could be detrimental to a round or even a match. All it takes is one single deviation in the designated teleport spot and you could be spotted at the wrong time.

It is believed that this glitch appearing is correlated to Riot’s attempt at fixing an issue that allowed for Sage and Omen to get out of certain maps when utilizing Sage’s wall and Omen’s teleport in conjunction. 

Riot has yet to address the issue, but chances are, players will have to wait for the game’s next update to fix it.