All teams qualified for Valorant Champions 2024

Daniel Appleford
All teams qualified for Valorant Champions 2024

Valorant Champions 2024 will mark the grand finale of Riot Games’ official tournament season. Here is a list of all the teams that have qualified for the event.

The 2024 Valorant Champions Tournament takes center stage in Seoul, marking the first time an international event ventures into the country. This move comes on the heels of Gen.G’s Masters victory in Shanghai, solidifying the Pacific’s growth in the scene. 

Evil Geniuses won the first Valorant Champions trophy for North America in 2023.

This means every region will have only four teams in attendance, regardless of which region won an international tournament. 

Here’s a full list of every team that has qualified for Valorant Champions 2024 so far, as well as how many slots are left for teams to fight for.

All teams qualified for Valorant Champions 2024:

Americas League

  • Leviatán – Champions Points

EMEA League

  • Fnatic – Champions Points
  • FUT Esports – Champions Points
  • Team Heretics – Champions Points
  • Team Vitality – Playoffs/Karmine Corp – Champions Points

Pacific League

  • Paper Rex – Champions Points
  • Gen.G – Playoffs
  • DRX – Playoffs
  • Talon Esports – Playoffs


  • EDward Gaming – Champions Points
  • FunPlus Phoenix – Champions Points

Valorant Champions qualification explained

Unlike previous years, 2024 will have a set limit on who will attend from each region. Three teams from each region will qualify based on their playoff performance, while the last spot will be granted to whichever team has the most Champions points collected.

Prior to 2024’s format change, teams that won international Masters events would automatically qualify for Champions at the end of the year. This year, both Sentinels and Gen.G will have to win their way, or earn enough points, to make the world championship

Valorant Champions will begin on August 1 after each region has concluded their seasons and finish on August 25. The tournament will feature four groups, each consisting of four teams, competing in a double-elimination format.

All matches at Valorant Champions will be best-of-three, outside of the finals matches, and the top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.