Acend confirm new Valorant roster ahead of VCT Stage 2

Declan Mclaughlin
Acend lift the Valorant Champions trophy

Acend have announced two new players to their Valorant roster in Ondřej ‘MONSTEERR’ Petrů and Vakaris ‘vakk’ Bebravičius, confirming previous reports on April 29.

MONSTEERR and vakk have been announced by Acend as their newest players replacing Vlad “Kiles” Shvets and Santeri “BONECOLD” Sassi who were both released by the organization after Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 on Friday, April 29.

Vakk was last seen on Team Vitality in the French Valorant Regional League, VRL France: Revolution, were him and the team failed to make it to the playoff stage or the VCT Promotion tournament. Vakk will take up the IGL role for Acend.

MONSTEERR was with Giants Gaming before this recent move, competing in VLR Spain: Rising after failing to qualify into VCT Stage 1 Challengers.

Both BONECOLD and Kiles played a variety of roles for the team, with BONECOLD taking up smokes, Sentinels and Sova for the team while Kiles also sometimes played smokes and Sentines.

MONSTEER has recently mostly been playing Sentinels for Giants while vakk has played mainly Dueslist and Sage for Vitality.

Acend looking to rebound its Valorant roster

Kiles celebrating Acend's championship win on the ground
Kiles was a part of Acend’s 2021 Valorant Champions run.

Acend fell on hard times after its Valorant Champions victory run in 2021. The team only managed two wins in its VCT EMEA Challengers group and needed to field a substitute for their final game due to Aleksander ‘zeek’ Zygmunt, their flex player, needing a mental rest from competing.

The team announced that their IGL BONECOLD would go to the bench in March and Kiles soon followed in early April. They were both released by the team on April 28.

Acend did place high enough in the group stage to not face relegation in the VCT Promotion tournament, and have not played in an official match since their loss against BBL Esports in Week 5 of the league.

Fans can see what the new Acend lineup will look like at the start of VCT Stage 2 Challengers beginning on May 13.

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