VCT Pacific team confirms “hard reset” for Valorant team after disappointing season

The Global Esports VCT Pacific Valorant team and staffRiot Games

A VCT Pacific partnered organization has announced a “hard reset” for its Valorant squad after a disappointing 2023 season.

VCT Pacific was a top-heavy region dominated by two stellar rosters in Paper Rex and DRX. Most of the other teams were battling for third place, or just to get into the playoff stage.

No team understands that more than Global Esports. The Indian organization took on a massive project to start the season, bringing in former XSET IGL Jordan ‘AYRIN’ He and surrounding him with players that mostly played Duelist before joining GE.

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The squad eventually figured out their roles and incorporated Ganesh ‘SkRossi’ Gangadhar into the lineup after his debut was delayed due to visa issues. However, they finished eighth during the VCT regular season with a 3-6 record and missed out on VCT Masters Tokyo. In the VCT Pacific LCQ for Valorant Champions, GE lost their first matchup against RRQ 2-0 and ended their season early.

Global Esports initiate a “hard reset” for VCT Pacific Valorant roster

Now into the offseason, Global Esports is looking to blow up its current roster and initiate a “hard reset,” according to a video the organization posted to social media.

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The video includes clips of the Global Esports roster along with boxes with the names of their players from 2023 inside them. Those boxes get covered up by surrounding rubble and then a voice says, “It’s time for a hard reset.”

Global Esports currently have only four players signed to the roster, according to the VCT Global Contract Database: SkRossi, Cahya ‘Monyet’ Nugraha, Abhirup ‘Lightningfast’ Choudhury and Park ‘Bazzi’ Jun-ki.

AYRIN announced his free agency on September 10, Monyet has been linked with Paper Rex, SkRossi is rumored to be leaving the team, Kim ‘t3xture’ Na-ra’s exit from the squad was confirmed on September 13, and Bazzi announced on September 12 that GE has allowed him to explore other opportunities.

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There has been no word on Lightningfast and his future prospects with the team.

So far, only one player has been linked to joining Global Esports in the off-season, former Bleed eSports player Wong ‘JayH’ Heng. JayH has since signed with Ninjas in Pyjamas.

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