4 “god-nade” spots in Valorant that let Raze hit cross-map kills

Alan Bernal

The absence of a skybox in Valorant lets players get really creative with their lineups for specific Agents, including a few ‘god-nades’ with Raze’s Paint Shells that can get a frag across the map.

Raze is the bane of all Valorant players who get tunnel-vision on trading or pushing up a site. Her grenades aren’t just to clear out an angle or get that last bit of damage to someone holding a corner, they can provide a much needed delay if the other team is rushing.

In this sense, one of the best offensive Agents in the game turns into a valuable tool for supporting the defense.

Since she can’t just leave traps or cameras on a site like Cypher and Killjoy, user ‘xLP620’ found a way to expand the use of Raze’s kit on Bind to give her a way of actually being a team player.

Raze Valorant Bind
Using the right lineup you can get Raze to help out at A while she’s on B site.

1) The first lineup requires a Raze on B site to jump on top of the metal box. After doing so, use a basic Blast Pack jump to build momentum.

Then aim to the right of the second panel behind the crane and throw. The Paint Shell will explode in mid-air, but the sub-munitions will ruin anybody planting default on A or going into Lamps.

2) For an A-to-B grenade, xLP620 recommends using both Blast Packs; one to hop onto A site’s shed and then another to get the same sort of jump as before but this time to chuck a grenade to B.

This will broadly cover where teams would position while taking B or setting up their defense. So if you still have your two Blast Packs by the time the B rush comes in, then it could be worth to use them both to get a kill or at least delay the attack.

3) Now let’s say the teammate in Hookah hears people barreling up the alley, or if it’s obvious the Attackers are hard-rotating from A to B, Raze can stop them before even getting to site.

By using a Blast Pack, xLP620 jumped high enough to clear the gap from Defender spawn to outside Hookah, landing the cluster bomb where it blankets the alleyway.

4) For a more expedient nade spot if you’re getting pushed from B long, simply bounce the Paint Shell from the large blue wall that runs down the alley.

The Raze lineups can attack all parts of the B site if done correctly.

Depending on the toss, you can smother the Orb with bombs or a bit deeper down the push to soften up anyone clumped together.

Helping your teammates from across the map isn’t really in Raze’s wheelhouse. As a Duelist, she sets her sights on finding a target in front of her rather than lending a hand to thwart a push on another site like Brimstone or Omen.

Even so, there are clever ways to maneuver the game’s boundaries (or lack thereof) to give Raze new uses in Valorant, which players like xLP620 are bound to explore.

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