Why is xQc streaming from an office? Twitch star’s relocation explained

Jeremy Gan
xQc in streaming in Offbrand's office

In xQc’s most recent stream, you may have seen him in a completely different environment from the usual setup. Most surprisingly, other humans are actually in the room. Here’s why the Twitch star has suddenly relocated.

xQc is quite famous for streaming in a variety of rooms. Sometimes they are very clean, but sometimes they can be a mish-mash of stuff on the wall, even at times grossing out viewers

So it’s a change of pace when xQc suddenly started his stream in a completely different location on March 9. Not a dedicated streaming room, but a bright white office, with other people around who can all hear him clearly. 

In fact, in his first stream in the new environment, he starts to talk to his Twitch chat and is immediately told to quiet down by a deskmate. Presumably because he is much used to speaking louder than normal when streaming. 

So you might ask, why the move? Well it’s pretty simple. 

Why is xQc streaming in an office?

In a deleted post, xQc tweeted at AT&T, a telecommunications company, that his internet had been down for the past six days and he needed to get in touch with someone to fix it. All typed in his usual overwhelming capitalization. 

It’s because of the internet shutdown in his home that he is unable to stream at his usual setup. So he decided to move to another space, with internet, which he can stream from. But you might question, who’s office is it? 

Well, it’s Offbrand’s office space in Los Angeles. Offbrand is a creative agency that was founded by Ludwig and his fellow co-hosts of the podcast he stars in, The Yard. Offbrand has actually worked with xQc in the past, helping produce his gameshow, Juiced, last year. 

In his streams, we can see different employees of the company come and go behind him. Fans of The Yard will recognize Aimen right behind xQc working on his computer. The best part of the move is that the others in the office seem to actually enjoy popping in the stream, probably while they are on the clock working.

The desk mate who told him to quiet down, which is actually fellow streamer pokelawls, who took over the stream for a bit while xQc had to go off-camera to do something. Even screwing around with the others in the office. 

So despite the change of environment, the juicer will keep doing what he’s best at doing, giving us content.