Mizkif & Lacari questioned by police on IRL Twitch stream during fast-food challenge

Jeremy Gan
Mizkif completes drive thru challenge

The cops were called on Twitch streamer Lacari, due to a report of allegedly scratching up a car during a stream with Mizkif, where they completed the DougDoug Drive-Thru fast food challenge. 

During a special Mizkif stream which saw him, and fellow streamers Lacari, Simply and Russel attempt to complete the DougDoug Drive-Thru fast food challenge, the group came across a problem at the tail-end of their “speedrun”.

As they were completing their 12th fast food meal of the day, the group was suddenly confronted by a police officer as they were eating. 

As the police officer talked to the four streamers, they revealed that a car, which was parked next to theirs, was scratched, to which the owners called the police. 

Since the car next in the parking bay belonged to Lacari, the officers wanted to talk to the group to see if they were the ones who scratched up the car next to them. After all, if a car owner wants to make an insurance claim on damages, there would need to be a police report. 

However, as Mizkif told the stream, the scratch was allegedly not from Lacari’s car. 

“He’s claiming that when we got out of the car we hit his car, but we didn’t hit his car. We literally pulled the door to see if we hit it, and it’s not even close,” he told the stream.

But it seems Mizkif saw the funny side to the situation as well, as he then chimed in by saying, “He’s trying to mess us up, he’s definitely a LudBud.” The world record the four were trying to beat in their fast food challenge was held by Ludwig at the time. 

The situation was quickly dealt with after the group seemingly proved it couldn’t have been Lacari’s car to cause the damage. The streamers went on to finish their meal while joking that the cops were called by Ludwig to stop them from beating the record. 

Amusingly enough, they would soon go on to beat the record properly, despite the police interference. With 14 drive-thru meals eaten in six hours, which involved a car wash and a police encounter.