Twitch stream ends gruesomely after streamer on bike crashes into car

Anna Koselke
Twitch streamer on motorcycle

A Twitch stream ended abruptly after a motorcycle’s collision with a car was caught live in an accident involving the streamer himself.

When it comes to streaming on Twitch, content creators have done just about everything on the platform. From bathing live to literally sleeping with a public audience, there is not much left that the website’s audiences have not seen.

One particular genre of stream involves the streamer simply driving their car or riding their motorcycle. They record the street ahead and around, simply cruising around. Most of these on-road streams are accompanied on user’s channels by other kinds of content, such as chatting or gaming.

Unfortunately, when it comes to being on the road, the driver or rider is taking enough risk as it is by simply being there. While streaming, things can quickly go from risky to dangerous. One streamer found this out recently after crashing his motorcycle into the side of a car while live.

Twitch stream ends as streamer’s motorcycle crashes into car

A small Polish streamer known by the handle xUlaniec on Twitch was streaming yesterday, live on the platform while riding his motorcycle. Everything seemed to be normal, with the stream’s chat coming in through his phone which was docked atop his bike.

Things took a turn for the worst after a driver ahead of the streamer drove forward with his car unexpectedly, not giving xUlaniec enough time to slow down and stop. The streamer then crashed into the side of the car after yelling out, following an attempt to slow his motorcycle down before impact.

You can view the on-stream crash below. Warning: While there is no graphic violence depicted, the video below shows footage of a car crash that may make some viewers uncomfortable.

It seems like the streamer was not expecting the car to drive out when he did, causing the collision. He seemed to have primarily hurt his right leg, which he landed on uncomfortably after flying off of his motorcycle.

Fans took to Reddit and other social media to discuss the matter, concerned about the streamer’s health following the crash. Thankfully, he posted to his an Instagram with an update letting everyone know that he’s okay and plans to be back with more content soon.

While the situation was by no means fun for the streamer, he seems to be in good humor about it now. Hopefully his leg makes a full recovery and he stays vigilant while streaming live on roads. Content creation can be stressful enough as is without getting into a car accident on stream.

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