Mizkif weight-lifting stream nearly ends in disaster as Twitch star drops bench press

Mizkif in the gymTwitch: Mizkif

While attempting to bench three heavy plates during a recent gym stream, Twitch star Mizkif dropped the weight on his chest, nearly resulting in a disaster for the streamer which could have left him severely injured.

Weight-lifting is obviously a form of training that should be performed with moderation and care. The dangers of costly mistakes can realistically lead to devastating injuries or worse, especially when attempting to lift very heavy numbers.

In Mizkif’s case, the streamer was incredibly lucky to escape what could have been a critically damaging accident. The event occurred during his workout livestream on January 9, where he, alongside Esfand, and a few others, were getting a workout pump together while on Twitch.

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Mizkif attempted a PR, or a personal record, of 315 pounds. That’s around 143 kilograms. Initially, this was supposed to be a one-rep max, essentially testing Mizkif’s peak strength. The beginning of the lift started off quite strong. With a nice spot from Esfand, who provides a solid lift-off, Mizkif managed to perform one repetition, albeit with Esfand’s slight touch.

For anyone curious, in powerlifting rules, this slight touch, alongside Mizkif’s lack of a pause towards the bottom of his lift, invalidate the PR. But other than that, in a casual lifter’s standards, the rep is relatively solid, and seemingly in control.

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Mizkif evidently should have settled for the single rep and taken the new PR, especially since that was supposed to be his goal to begin with. Instead, Mizkif pushed for a second rep, during which his hands suddenly dropped the weight — which proceeded to crash down straight onto his chest.

He’s incredibly lucky the weight was dropped at the bottom portion of the bench, rather than the top, thereby minimizing the gravitational impact of the weights. If it had dropped from the top, he almost certainly definitely broken a bone or two, and very realistically could have ended up in hospital due to a punctured organ.

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Thankfully, his friends were there to save him from the precarious situation before long, lifting the weight off his chest.

Despite the clear lack of control from the dropped weight, Mizkif quickly got up and claimed: “I could have done two,” arguing that he was totally fine.

The streamer has been very into fitness as of late, and is even considering opening up his own gym.