Jinny’s IRL stream gets interrupted by strangers filming her in another creepy moment

Jinny filmed by strangers 2Twitch: jinnytty

Popular Twitch streamer Jinny found herself at the center of an “awkward” moment during an IRL broadcast when she was suddenly surrounded by strangers filming her on their phones.

Jinnytty is a prominent streamer on Twitch, where she boasts over 800k followers.

She’s best known for her IRL streams, where she shares her travels across the globe with viewers. These broadcasts have gone viral many times in the past — like the time she accidentally fell in a hole traveling in Bali or almost set her backyard on fire during a barbeque.

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However, she’s encountered quite a few frightening encounters during these streams, such as the time her phone was snatched by a motorcyclist earlier this year.

Jinny surrounded by strangers filming her during IRL stream

More recently, though, Jinny became a victim of stalking. Law enforcement got involved after the streamer was followed by a hooded man for hours during a live stream earlier this week, and he was ultimately arrested and institutionalized for “mental problems.”

It seems that her traveling woes haven’t ended, as the streamer was recently surrounded by three strangers while taking a break on the street in Taiwan.

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A viral clip taken from one of her most recent broadcasts shows Jinny sitting near a road while three men pull out their phones to seemingly film and take photos of her.

“This is awkward,” Jinny said of the situation, while one of the men even waved at the camera. Concerned chatters sounded off about the unpleasant goings-on, although Jinny just laughed at the ordeal.

It seems like her trip to Taiwan hasn’t been all bad, though, as she was warmly greeted by fans in another clip taken from her journey to the country.

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As previously mentioned, this is far from the first time Jinny has dealt with uncomfortable interactions with strangers. Last year, Jinny had some choice words for a drunk bystander who called her career as a Twitch star “sad.”

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