Jinny baffled after having to pay $2,500 fee to use Twitch at museum

Michael Gwilliam
twitch streamer jinny

Popular IRL Twitch streamer Jinny was left absolutely confused after she was told she had to pay a big fee in order to broadcast her trip to a museum in Norway.

Jinny is one of Twitch’s IRL streaming stars having documented her outrageous travels across the world and all the shenanigans she finds herself in.

Over the years she’s had her phone stolen on stream, set her backyard on fire, and even had to deal with a hooded man stalking her for hours.

Despite all her past encounters, however, nothing could have prepared her for the moment she was told to pay a massive $2,500 fee to be on Twitch during her time checking out a museum

Museum staff demand Jinny pay $2,500 fee to use Twitch

During a tour of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Jinny walked into a blacksmith area where an employee inquired if she was on Twitch.

After confirming she was streaming, the employee revealed that to use Twitch, she would have to pay up.

“You’re going to have to talk with the receptionist,” he said. “It’s not cheap. It’s the policy. 25,000. So, if you don’t have that, then stop streaming on Twitch.”

25,000 Norwegian Krone converts to roughly $2,500 – something that Jinny wasn’t exactly fond of paying in the name of content.

The employee then admitted that he was “told” to inform her about this policy, resulting in the streamer leaving the area and deciding to end her trip to the museum early.

It’s not clear why the museum implemented the policy, but in the past, we have seen Twitch streamers cause quite a ruckus while touring parts of the world such as accidentally getting locked in a graveyard.