F1nn5ter reveals he has started hormone replacement therapy

Rory Teale

Top content creator F1nn5ter has released a YouTube video coming out as bisexual and revealing that he has started HRT.

F1nn5ter (who still prefers he/him pronouns) teased his YouTube and Twitch fanbase on March 1 with a tweet captioned “Coming Out”, and linked a video on his YouTube that currently has over 600k views.

F1nn5ter detailed his long history as a social media icon in the video, and let his fans know that it had led to a big decision in his life:

“I cross-dressed on Twitch for years,” he said. “After doing it for a meme, I wanted to explore my gender a bit more.

“People have been making egg jokes or saying I’m on HRT for years, and kind of because of that a lot of the trans community started popping into streams, or seeing my videos, or interacting with me, and that had never happened to me before,” said F1nn.

“I learned a lot, and some of it seemed a little bit too interesting,” he admitted.

F1nn opens up about starting Hormone Replacement Therapy

So, after cross-dressing on stream and discovering more about the trans community, F1nn5ster felt that he had made a huge discovery about himself:

“It felt a bit like I uncovered a part of myself that I had purposefully just been shutting down for as long as I can remember, and never questioned why,” said F1nn.

So, as a result, F1nn answered the question a lot of his fans have been asking:

“Is F1nn on HRT?”

“I am, I just avoid the question […] recently, I started HRT.” F1nn has finally answered (referring to Hormone Replacement Therapy). Furthermore, he also added that he has come out as bisexual:

“I like dudes!” he exclaimed.

Still, if you’re wondering what you should call F1nn as you comment on his YouTube or Twitch, F1nn stated he would like to be labeled as Genderfluid, and that his pronouns are “he/him”.

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