Your Place or Mine full cast: All actors & characters

Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher in Your Place or MineNetflix

Here’s your guide to the full cast and characters in Your Place or Mine, the new Netflix rom-com starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon.

Your Place or Mine comes from writer-director Aline Brosh McKenna, who penned the screenplay to noughties hits like The Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses.

It stars Kutcher and Witherspoon as long-time friends who find themselves at a crossroads when they swap lives for a week; do they want to be with someone else, or are they better together?

With the movie hitting Netflix on Friday, February 10, here’s a breakdown of all the major cast members and characters in Your Place or Mine.

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Your Place or Mine cast: All actors and characters

The official synopsis reads: “Debbie and Peter have been best friends for 20 years even though they are total opposites. Practical, risk-averse accountant Debbie craves routine and stability with her son Jack in LA; stylish brand consultant Peter thrives on change in New York City.

“When they swap houses and lives for a week, they learn they haven’t told each other everything after all and discover what they think they want might not be what they really need.”

Below, you’ll find our full list of the cast and characters in Your Place or Mine.

Reese Witherspoon: Debbie

Reese Witherspoon in Your Place or MineNetflix

Reese Witherspoon plays Debbie, a single mother trying to get her Masters degree so she can get the Senior Accountant position with her regional school district.

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She’s best friends with Peter, who she slept with on the first night they met – however, he told her he couldn’t have a relationship with her or anyone else. It was the beginning of a close friendship – or is it something more?

In a press release, Brosh McKenna said: “I have thought of Reese for everything I’ve ever written. I can’t think of a movie that I’ve written that I didn’t send to her. In addition to being very appealing, she is very funny, very smart, a great producer and a killer actor.”

Ashton Kutcher: Peter

Ashton Kutcher in Your Place or MineNetflix

Ashton Kutcher plays Peter, Debbie’s best friend who lives thousands of miles away in New York. When he offers to swap homes for a week to give her some space to enjoy yourself, he ends up reflecting on his own life.

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Discussing why he took the role, the star said: “Romantic comedies are some of my favorite movies. When you read one that has a unique take and a unique perspective, you just know it. This script had its own voice and its own tone and its own vibe.

“Plus, any time I was thinking about doing a romantic comedy, I would always ask if Reese was available because I had wanted to work with her my entire career. The irony, of course, is that I didn’t really work with Reese during this film; we have two scenes together. So, she still has never worked with me and doubt she ever will again.”

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Jesse Williams: Theo

Jesse Williams in Your Place or Mine

Jesse Williams plays Theo, a “top editor at the renown Duncan Press literary agency” who meets Debbie in New York.

Brosh McKenna said: “Playing somebody who is one of New York’s most famous literary editors, he has to bring gravitas. I so enjoyed spending time and talking about the character with Jesse Williams — building some of Jesse into Theo. Plus, he’s really, really funny.”

Williams is best known for roles in Grey’s Anatomy, The Cabin and the Woods, and The Butler.

Tig Notaro: Alicia

Tig Notaro in Your Place or MineNetflix

Tig Notaro plays Alicia, a close friend of Debbie and Peter who works as a teacher at Debbie’s school.

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The director said: “I always say you’re a big fan of someone if you’ve watched all of their performances without trying… in certain respects, the best friend in a romantic comedy is somewhat of an expected thing so I was very excited that she wanted to play this part.”

Notaro is an acclaimed, Emmy-nominated comedian and actress. She also appeared in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead.

Zoë Chao: Minka

Zoe Chao in Your Place or MineNetflix

Zoë Chao plays Minka, a “former girlfriend of Peter’s who unexpectedly appears at his apartment the night Debbie arrives”, and quickly befriends her.

Chao said: “Minka is so the opposite of Debbie. Her nails are perfectly manicured; she always wears either a stunning or an outrageous outfit and by the way, she comes with a Masters in Differential Calculus. Minka knows everyone in New York and is plugged into all things hip.”

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Chao is best known for roles in Strangers, The OA, and The Afterparty.

Wesley Kimmel: Jack

Wesley Kimmel as JackNetflix

Wesley Kimmel plays Jack, Debbie’s 13-year-old son. He’s described as a “quiet boy, deep in a teenaged sullen phase… he has way too many allergies, watches sports, TikTok, and his room is an homage to his favorite thing: hockey.”

According to Kimmel, when he read the script with his mum, she “was crying and I was laughing. I think that’s pretty cool because it shows there’s something for everyone.”

As well as being the nephew of late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, he’s also appeared in The Book of Boba Fett and WandaVision.

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Rachel Bloom: Scarlet

Rachel Bloom in Your Place or MineYour Place or Mine (2023), Rachel Bloom as Scarlet. Cr. Erin Simkin / Netflix

Rachel Bloom plays Scarlet, the “aspiring actress-slash-babysitter who bails on Debbie, putting her journey to New York in jeopardy.”

Brosh McKenna said: “I just love having Rachel around. And it was so much fun for us to be on a different set together after 62 episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Bloom is best known for her Golden Globe-winning performance in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Steve Zahn: Zen

Steve Zahn as ZenNetflix

Steve Zahn plays Zen, the “cheerful hippie/surfer dude who spends his days tending to Debbie’s garden.”

Brosh McKenna said: “Steve Zahn may be the most delightful person ever born. He’s the person who at the end of the take, the crew and co-stars burst out laughing, happy they can let it out.

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He brought so much heart and dignity and depth to this guy who really just wants to hang out in Debbie’s garden all day. Every moment with him was a gem.”

Zahn has enjoyed a wide-ranging career, known for roles in Sahara, Dallas Buyers Club, War for the Planet of the Apes, and Modern Family.

Shiri Appleby: Vanessa

Shiri Appleby and Griffin MatthewsNetflix

Shiri Appleby plays Vanessa, a “long-ago flame of Peter’s, for a very long time” who’s “also a wonderful director.”

Appleby is best known for starring in Roswell, Unreal, Girls, and Havoc.

Griffin Matthews: John

Griffin Matthews as JohnNetflix

Griffin Matthews plays John, the professor whose class Debbie sits in on.

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Matthews is also a former Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star, as well as being known for roles in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, The Flight Attendant, and Dear White People.

Vella Lovell: Becca

Vella LovellNetflix

Vella Lovell plays Becca, Peter’s most recent girlfriend in the movie.

Once again, she was part of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cast, as well as starring in The Christmas Chronicles and The Big Sick.

Your Place or Mine hits Netflix on February 10. Find out more here.