What is Article 72 in Halo TV series?

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Article 72 is a term that has been batted around in the Halo TV series and has been an important part of the behavior of the UNSC. What exactly does it mean though, and is it a good or bad thing?

The Halo TV series has gotten off to a good start, albeit it with some flaws and ire from long-time fans of the franchise. Nevertheless, the story of Master Chief is now being told to a wider audience and over the course of several seasons, the show is expected to retell the events of several of the games.

Whilst Halo Infinite Season 2 is doing its best to create new memories for players, the Halo TV show will be doing that for one more season at the very least. It’s contained some interesting plotlines and tidbits of info so far, but one detail that some people aren’t clear on is Article 72 in the Halo TV series.

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Like most adaptations, the show has twisted some of the game’s elements.

Halo TV series’ Article 72 explanation

To try and put this as easily and concisely as possible, Halo’s Article 72 basically allows the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) to terminate anyone or anything that will potentially threaten the human race.

It’s a safety measure to protect mankind basically, and obviously, any act of hostility on the part of the UNSC will come at their own discretion.

The premise for this new piece of Halo lore was immediately introduced in the Halo TV series in episode 1. Although, it’s immediately made clear from the outset that the UNSC isn’t afraid to enforce this law, even if the threat is minimal — which leaves questions marks against the UNSC and its moral compass.

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During the events of episode 1, without spoiling too much, a refugee is nearly subjected to Article 72 without them really doing too much wrong in the grand scheme of things. So it will be interesting to see how frequently the show writers choose to incorporate this new piece of Halo legislation in future seasons.

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