Unseen cast: All actors & characters in the Netflix series

A still from UnseenNetflix

Here’s your guide to the full cast and characters in Unseen, a new South African crime thriller series that dropped on Netflix earlier this year.

Unseen comes from Travis Taute, Daryne Joshua, and Gambit Films, the production company behind Blood & Water.

It’s a remake of another critically acclaimed Netflix series: Fatma, a Turkish thriller originally created by Özgür Önurme.

With viewers still pressing play on Unseen, here’s all the major characters you need to know in the cast of the show.

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Unseen cast and characters

Unseen follows Zenzi Mwale, a “nondescript domestic worker who goes in search of her missing husband and comes up against powerful and violent criminals.”

The official synopsis reads: “Zenzi Mwale hides behind her identity as an unremarkable cleaning lady while desperately searching for her husband after he is released from prison.”

While Zenzi doesn’t seem like someone who’d be capable of harm, the series charts her descent from “cleaner to killer” as she heads down a “dangerous and destructive path littered with sinister characters who want to exploit her for their nefarious schemes,” as per a press release.

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Zenzi Mwale: Gail Mabalane

Gail Mabalane as Zenzi Mwale in Unseen on NetflixNetflix

Gail Mabalane plays Zenzi Mwale, the lead character in Unseen. She’s described as “a nondescript cleaning lady on a dangerous path to find her husband, Max who was released from prison and nowhere to be found.”

Mabalane is also known for appearing in The Road, The Wild, and Blood & Water.

Max Mwale: Vuyo Dabula

Vuyo Dabula as Max Mwale in UnseenNetflix

Vuyo Dabula plays Max Mwale, “Zenzi’s husband who finds himself mixed up with dangerous men who will stop at nothing to get what they want.”

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Dabula has also starred in Queen Sono, Shaft 6, Collision, and Generations: The Legacy.

Joseph: Hein De Vries

Hein De Vries as Joseph in UnseenNetflix

Hein De Vries plays Joseph, “the right-hand man to Raymond, and Max’s best friend who knows a lot of valuable information.”

The actor performed stunt work in Mad Max: Fury Road, as well as starring in Tickets, Blood Psalms, and Ekstra Medium.

Raymond: Brendon Daniels

Brendon Daniels in Unseen on NetflixNetflix

Brendon Daniels plays Raymond, “a shrewd businessman rooted in gangsterism, and a key player in all of the happenings as Zenzi searches for Max.”

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Daniels earlier starred in Fraksie, Spoorloos, Desert Rose, and Blood & Water.

Blessing: Rapulana Seiphemo

Blessing in UnseenNetflix

Rapulana Seiphemo plays Blessing, “a king pin of the dark underworld and is at the core of Max and Zenzi’s problems.”

Seiphemo is an actor and producer known for Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema, White Wedding, and Tsotsi.

Detective Lyners: Ilse Klink

Ilse Klink as Detective LynersNetflix

Ilse Klink plays Detective Lyners, “the assigned SAPS representative on the multiple mysterious deaths that keep occurring.”

Klink also appeared in Fraksie and Spoorloos, as well as starring in Troukoors and Nêrens Noord-Kaap.

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Lufuno: Mothusi Magano

Mothusi Magano in Unseen on NetflixNetflix

Mothusi Magano plays Lufuno, “an investigative journalist and one of Zenzi’s clients. He takes a keen interest in her life.”

Magano is best known for playing Benedict in Hotel Rwanda, as well as starring in The Lab, Tsotsi, and Of Good Report.

Enrico: Abduragman Adams

Abduragman Adams as Enrico

Abduragman Adams plays Enrico, “Zenzi and Max’s landlord who takes advantage of Zenzi’s vulnerability with Max absent.”

Adams has appeared in Fraksie, The Umbrella Men, Blood & Water, and Indemnity.

Naledi: Dineo Langa

Dineo Langa as NalediNetflix

Dineo Langa plays Naledi, “Zenzi’s sister who she’s drifted apart from. However, when Naledi learns of Zenzi’s troubles with Max, she encourages her to start a new life.”

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Langa has also starred in Our Girl, Mrs Right Guy, Dam, and The Estate.

Reuben Theron: Colin Moss

Colin Moss as Reuben TheronNetflix

Colin Moss plays Reuben Theron, “an unlawful lawyer who is on Blessing’s pay role and steps in to ensure the business stays afloat.”

Moss made a brief appearance in 1923 as Charles Hardin, as well as starring in Eraser: Reborn, The Deuce, Jessica Jones, and Black Mirror’s Nosedive.

Chyna: Shamilla Miller

Shamilla Miller as Chyna in UnseenNetflix

Shamilla Miller plays Chyna, “a stripper and Blessing’s girlfriend.”

Miller has also starred in The Umbrella Men, Blood & Water, The Girl from St Agnes, and Troy: Fall of a City.

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Detective Morkel: Waldemar Schultz

Waldemar Schultz as Detective Morkel in UnseenNetflix

Waldemar Schultz plays Detective Morkel, “the investigator on the mysterious death cases.”

Schultz earlier appeared in the first two Kissing Booth movies, as well as Tickets, Troukoors, and Troy: Fall of a City.

Officer Cupido: Lehasa Moloi

Lehasa MoloiLehasa Moloi/Instagram

Lehasa Moloi plays Officer Cupido, “a dirty cop who is on Blessing’s payroll.”

Moloi has also starred in Darfur, Wild at Heart, Spud, and Mrs Right Guy.

Farouk: Clifford Young

Clifford YoungWarsteiner Brauerei

Clifford Young plays Farouk, “an innocent bank worker who is caught in a dangerous crossfire.”

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Young has just one credit prior to Unseen: Daryn’s Gym, a movie released last year.

Unseen is streaming on Netflix now. You can find out more about the show here.

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