Top 10 best sitcom Halloween episodes

Kayla Harrington
Ross in Friends and Wanda in WandaVisionNBC/Disney+

In honor Halloween, here’s your guide to the top 10 best sitcom Halloween episodes that are so funny they’re scary.

When it comes to spooky season, the traditional things to watch are gory slasher movies or haunting TV shows.

But, for those who aren’t a big fan of getting scared or want a break from all the thrills and chills, there are a ton of funny TV shows that have Halloween-themed episodes.

So if you’re in the mood to laugh instead of being frightened, check out our guide to the top 15 best sitcom Halloween episodes.

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10. Friends — “The One With The Halloween Party”

The cast of Friends in Halloween costumesNBC

What happens: Friends may have run for 10 seasons, but it only premiered one single Halloween episode. “The One With The Halloween Party” sees the friends at Monica’s Halloween party, and things quickly get out of control when people start arm wrestling and no one can figure out Ross’ intricate costume.

What we think: “The One With The Halloween Party” is the perfect example of how chaotic and hilarious Friends can be. With so many different and unique personalities, it’s fun to see the type of strange situations the friend group can get into, and it’s especially funny when they’re dressed up in costumes.

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9. The Office — “Halloween”

Steve Carell in The OfficeNBC

What happens: In true out-of-control fashion, The Office’s “Halloween” watches the crew of Dunder Mufflin go through a bit of a crisis as Michael Scott procrastinated firing someone and now has to do so by the end of the day and, because it’s Halloween, he has to deal with this intense situation while wearing a papier-mâché mold of his head on his shoulder.

What we think: Steve Carell has such a unique talent to make audiences feel incredibly uncomfortable while also being extremely hilarious. He may not be the best boss in the world, but you can see how much he treasures his employees as he doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news and let one of them go.

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Where to stream: Peacock

8. Superstore — “Halloween Theft”

America Ferrera and Ben Feldman in SuperstoreNBC

What happens: Superstore’s “Halloween Theft” puts the workers of Cloud 9 in a tricky situation, as it’s revealed that someone stole irregular produce from the back of the store. The staff must ban together to find the culprit or else they won’t be able to enjoy their respective Halloween plans.

What we think: While Superstore had quite a few Halloween episodes, the first one found in Season 2 was the start to a great tradition. Between Dina’s highly inappropriate police costume to the hilarious interrogation scenes, “Halloween Theft” is the best place to start if you want to watch all of the Superstore Halloween episodes.

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Where to stream: Hulu

7. Bob’s Burgers — “The Hauntening”

The Belcher family in Bob's BurgersFox

What happens: Bob’s Burgers’ “The Hauntening” is all about the youngest Belcher, Louise, and how nothing is able to scare her. Her parents, Bob and Linda, try to frighten her by putting on a homemade haunted house, but it quickly goes off the rails as their milquetoast haunted house becomes too real when the Belchers encounter a ton of scary situations.

What we think: It’s fun to see the Belcher family do things together, especially when they band together to make sure one member of their fold is getting the most of out of life. The Belchers may not be good at scaring people, but they’re fantastic at being there for each other.

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Where to stream: Hulu

6. Glee — “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”

The cast of Glee dressed up as Rocky Horror Picture Show charactersFox

What happens: Glee’s “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” follows the glee club as they put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show for their school’s musical. This choice comes to be because Will, the leader of the glee club, figures out that the musical is one of Emma’s, his crush, favorites and he wants to impress her.

What we think: While it would be incredibly inappropriate for a real school to put on this raunchy musical, it fits so well within the Glee universe. The singing is phenomenal, the costumes are on point, and overall, the musical is a hit if you just forget that these are supposed to be high school students doing this.

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Where to stream: Hulu

5. Parks and Recreation — “Meet ‘n’ Greet”

Aubrey Plaza in Parks and RecreationNBC

What happens: The majority of Parks and Recreation’s “Meet ‘n’ Greet” is about April and Andy hosting a Halloween party at their house, but they forgot to tell their straight laced roommate Ben. Throughout the episode, Andy tries to get Ben to showcase his anger towards the situation, while Ron and Ann work together to fix different parts of the couple’s house.

What we think: Though it was pretty inconsiderate of April and Andy to throw a party without telling Ben, it’s fun to see them trying to make it up to him by attempting to get him in touch with his feelings. Between the cute costumes, funny jokes, and a small amount of violence, this is the best Parks and Rec Halloween episode.

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Where to stream: Peacock

4. Community — “Epidemiology”

Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, and Alison Brie in CommunityNBC

What happens: Community’s “Epidemiology” follows the students of Greendale Community College as they find themselves in the middle of a zombie outbreak due to a biohazard being mistaken for taco meat. The students try to survive while also demonstrating that they’re all incredibly ridiculous and a bit self-centered.

What we think: Community is a wacky show with hilarious characters, and the zombie episode is the show’s humor turned up to eleven. While other shows and movies use zombies in a slasher kind of way, Community uses the idea of a zombie outbreak and takes nothing about it seriously.

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3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine — “Halloween”

Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher in Brooklyn Nine-NineNBC

What happens: The first of a long-standing tradition, “Halloween” is the first time the crew of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ever holds a heist within the precinct. When Jake bets that he can steal Captain Holt’s medal of valor before midnight, he uses all of his tricks and connections with the squad to prove that he’s the best detective.

What we think: All of B99’s Halloween episodes are hilarious, but the first entry is special because it shows a more dynamic side to everyone’s character. Jake is seen as a goofball in the beginning of the series, but “Halloween” allows the audience to see how quick-witted and detail-oriented he is. Plus, Captain Holt shows that he actually has a personality and isn’t just a cold, unfeeling robot.

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2. WandaVision — “All-New Halloween Spooktacular”

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in WandaVisionDisney+

What happens: WandaVision’s “All-New Halloween Spooktacular” follows Wanda, Vision, and their twin boys as they celebrate Halloween in Westview. But beyond the comic book-accurate costumes is a dark secret, as Vision starts to realize that nothing in the town is what it seems and there’s a dark force holding them all there.

What we think: WandaVision’s Halloween special is a unique entry in an already one-of-a-kind show, as it’s still playing on all of the common sitcom tropes, but the audience gets tangible evidence that something is extremely wrong in Westview and that they may not be able to fully trust Wanda, despite her being the main character.

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Where to stream: Disney+

1. New Girl — “Keaton”

Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, and Lamorne Morris in New GirlFox

What happens: “Keaton” is the peak Halloween episode in New Girl, as it shows how far the gang will go for one another. Fresh off his breakup with Cece and Elizabeth, Schmidt is unbearable to be around, so Jess wants to uninvite him from her Halloween party. However, instead of talking to him, she, Nick, and Winston catfish Schmidt by using actor Michael Keaton.

What we think: Catfishing your friend with their favorite childhood actor in the hopes they won’t mess up your Halloween house party is completely unhinged, but completely in line with the lore of New Girl. The way everything gets so out of hand so much is both impressive and hilarious. Plus, we get to see a softer side to Nick, which was pretty rare in the beginning of the series.

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Where to stream: Hulu and Peacock

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