Top 10 best horror movies on Hulu

Sam Smith
Joe Keery in SpreeRLJE Films

As Halloween is right around the corner, here’s the top 10 horror movies that you can stream through Hulu.  

There’s nothing like sitting down with your family and friends to watch a spine-chilling horror movie during spooky season.

From ghost stories to the scariest human interactions ever, there’s a horror film that plays to everyone’s specific tastes and there’s endless streaming services to watch them on.

But, when it comes to Hulu, what are the best movies to watch to put you in the spooky mood? Here are our recommendations.

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10. The Boogeyman (2023)

Sophie Thatcher in The Boogeyman20th Century Fox

The Boogeyman follows sisters Sadie and Sawyer Harper as they’re still processing the death of their mother. Things only get worse when their father, Will’s, therapy patient shows up on their door and unleashes a supernatural being that feeds off the suffering of its victims.

9. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Shaun of the DeadRogue Pictures

Shaun of the Dead is a comedy zombie movie that surprising has nothing to do with Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead, which came out the same day. The former film sees Shaun, an electronics store, have to rise to the occasion when his small London-adjacent town is suddenly overrun with zombies.

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8. No One Will Save You (2023)

Kaitlyn Dever in No One Will Save YouHulu

While still mourning the loss of her mother, Brynn lives alone in her childhood home and is shunned by the people in her town. One night, she’s woken up by the sound of someone breaking into her home, but is shocked to find that the intruder is a lot less human than she thought.

7. Infinity Pool (2023)

Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård in Infinity PoolElevation Pictures

Infinity Pool follows a couple as they go away on a romantic tropical holiday where they meet a mysterious and beautiful woman. Seduced by the woman’s charm, the couple ventures outside the resort grounds and find themselves on a roller coaster of which includes murder, zero-tolerance policies, and sci-fi machinery.

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6. Spree (2020)

Joe Keery in SpreeRLJE Films

Spree sees aspiring influencer Kurt Kunkle trying desperately to become famous on social media, but ultimately failing. To get by, Kurt acts a rideshare driver and, one night, he decides to use his position as people’s driver to trick them into increasingly dangerous situations that leads to more than one person dying.

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5. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Freddie Prinze Jr. in I Know What You Did Last SummerColumbia Pictures

A horror movie classic, I Know What You Did Last Summer sees four high school friends as they accidentally run over a fisherman. They quickly dump the body and vow to never speak about it again. However, one year later, they receive a mysterious letter that reveals their crime had been seen and then the four friends start to die in increasingly violent ways.

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4. Fresh (2022)

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan in FreshSearchlight Pictures

Fresh follows Noa, a young woman from Portland, who has become tired of online dating and the rude men she meets through them. She thinks she meets the man of her dreams, Steve, when they two flirt in a grocery store. However, Steve is not what he seems as Noa discovers he has certain appetites that she doesn’t want to satisfy.

3. Run (2020)

Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen in RunHulu

Run sees Chloe, a teenager bound to a wheelchair who takes multiple medications daily and is homeschooled by her mother, Diane. Chloe has been kept in isolation by Diane because of her illness, but she starts to become suspicious of her mother’s intentions after discovering some of the medication she’s being forced to take wasn’t perscribed for her.

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2. Hellraiser (2022)

Jamie Clayton in HellraiserHulu

2022’s Hellraiser is actually a reboot of the 1987 film of the same name, but follows another family in the same circumstances. Riley, her brother Matt, and their friends break into an abandoned warehouse where they find a puzzle box. Upon solving the puzzle, Riley must choose a sacrifice or suffer the wrath of the Cenobites, a group of mutilated humanoids.

1. Se7en (1995)

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt in SevenNew Line Cinema

Detectives William Somerset and David Mills work together on a case of increasingly elaborate and violent murders, which is supposed to be Somerset’s last as he’s about to retire. They soon realize they’re dealing with a serial killer who targets people who he thinks represents one of the seven deadly sins.

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