Will there be a Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Season 2?

Jessica Cullen
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live Episode 6

The finale has now aired for the latest spinoff in the Walkerverse — but will there be a The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Season 2?

With another installment in The Walking Dead world done and dusted, fans have their eyes set on the future. As the zombie apocalypse continues to ravage humanity, there’s no end to the stories and conflicts that could be explored in AMC’s universe.

While there’s still other Walking Dead spinoffs on the way (including Daryl Dixon: The Book of Carol), The Ones Who Live made a huge impact with fans. Following Rick and Michonne in their quest to find each other and return home to their children, it delivered on all fronts, and viewers already want more.

So, will there be a Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Season 2? Here’s everything we know. (Spoilers for The Ones Who Live Episode 6 ahead!)

Will there be a Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Season 2?

It’s unlikely that there will be a Season 2 of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, since AMC hasn’t confirmed further seasons, and the ending of Season 1 seemed pretty conclusive with Rick and Michonne finally reuniting with their kids.

The Ones Who Live finale finally brought Rick and Michonne back to Alexandria, which was the show’s ultimate goal. This, plus their CRM takeover, means that there’s not much need for a Season 2.

Many fans of the show assumed that a Season 2 announcement would come after the finale episode when it aired, but no dice. That would have been the time for AMC to make the announcement, considering how popular the show has been so far. However, no news has come out of the TWD world yet, so it’s not likely at this stage.

Let’s not forget, The Ones Who Live was originally conceived to be a movie trilogy. However, AMC scrapped this plan, and what we got instead was a six episode series. That’s already a stretch of the concept, and if the original movie plan was all condensed into those episodes, then Season 2 won’t be on the cards.

That said, things could always change. The Ones Who Live became the highest-rated series in the franchise, so the TWD overlords might find scope in the near future to continue Rick and Michonne’s story.

TWD head Scott M. Gimple remained tight-lipped when asked [via TVLine] about a potential continuation, simply saying, “That’s possible.”

We’ll be sure to keep you update if anything changes.

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