The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live finale ending explained

Jessica Cullen
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live Episode 6

After six episodes, the latest The Walking Dead spinoff has reached its conclusion — here’s The Ones Who Live finale ending explained.

The latest Walking Dead series has reached the end, finally bringing closure to fans who wanted to see Rick and Michonne together again after all these years. From the beginning, The Ones Who Live delivered in romance, tragedy, and action, and it’s since become the highest-rated show in the franchise.

But The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live had plenty of questions it needed to wrap up during the finale. Would Rick and Michonne get back home to their kids? Would they bring an end to the CRM‘s reign of power once and for all?

Here’s The Ones Who Live finale ending explained, with everything you need to know about how the Walking Dead spinoff closed things out. Warning: major spoilers ahead!

How does The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 6 end?

The final episode of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live ends with Rick and Michonne returning home to Alexandria, where Rick finally reunites with Judith and meets his son, R.J., for the first time.

This was the key things fans have been gunning to see from the beginning, so the finale didn’t disappoint on that front. But first, Rick and Michonne had to deal with the CRM, who’ve been on their tail throughout the entire show.

After getting back into the ranks of the organization, Rick finally gets the coveted Echelon Briefing from Major General Beale. It turns out, the CRM has calculated that humanity only has around 14 years to survive before humankind becomes completely extinct. As such, they’re killing off the surviving cities and sacrificing countless other lives to ensure that they can stock their own resources and protect their city for longer. Their next target? Portland.

Naturally, this makes Beale even more of a villain than previously thought. However, Rick’s got a plan, and he stabs Beale in the chest with his sword. (It’s not a complicated plan.) While the CRM has been planning to bomb Portland with toxic gas, Rick and Michonne get to their supply first, using it on the military base where the major summit briefing is taking place, killing all the CRM leaders there and turning them into walkers.

Shortly after, we’re told that Beale’s plans for the CRM have since gone public, alerting the Civic Republic of their malicious intent. Finally, with the wrong-minded higher-ups gone, the Republic gets the freedom they were promised at the start of the CRM’s reign.

Rick and Michonne head off in a chopper back to their group in Alexandria. Bear in mind, it’s been several years since Rick last saw his daughter Judith, and he’s never even met his son R.J. As they step off the helicopter, the children come running towards them. It’s a heartwarming reunion years in the making. RJ tells Rick that he knew he’d come back, because he “believed.”

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