The Chosen may have revealed Jesus’ brother and you didn’t notice

Cameron Frew
Jesus in The Chosen Season 4

The Chosen Season 4 may have secretly introduced a divisive figure from the New Testament: Jesus’ brother, James the Just.

In Season 4 Episode 7, Jesus finally raises Lazurus from the dead. Coming after the feeding of the 5,000 and him walking on water, this has been one of the most anticipated miracles in the series.

The scene shows the reactions of Jesus’ apostles and the locals of Bethany, evolving from curiosity and perhaps even skepticism into slack-jawed awe.

However, fans also noticed a mysterious cloaked figure watching from afar. It’s unclear exactly who this is meant to be in The Chosen cast; are they just a random spectator, or could they be someone more significant from the Bible?

Well, according to the show’s subreddit, this may have been James the Just, Jesus’ oldest brother.

A figure some believe to be James the Just in The Chosen

In the simplest terms – without getting into the ins and outs of every interpretation – Jesus is believed to have had at least six siblings: four brothers named James, Joses, Simon, and Jude; and two sisters (though there could have been more) named Mary and Salome (as per later Christian literature).

Many believe James and his brothers are the children of Mary and Joseph after Jesus, but others have argued they may be the offspring of Mary of Clopas or Joseph’s children from another marriage.

On Reddit, one user argued: “We know from scripture that Mary lived with the four brothers. She traveled with them Luke 8:19, she attended events with them like the wedding in Cana (John 2:1-12).

“After the wedding in Cana, the Bible says the siblings along with Mary traveled with Jesus Christ for a while in the book of John. They are seen doubting Jesus John 7:1-5. They are also present on the day of Pentecost Acts 1:14. We also know that Jesus appeared to James post-resurrection 1 Corinthians 15:7.”

Others agree, with one writing: “Growing up with Jesus, they would also be friends with Lazarus and his sisters, so at least one of them being at the funeral makes sense.

“[It also] explains why he covered his head. He wanted to see what would happen, but didn’t want Mary or Jesus to know he was there.”

“Controversy or not, James was an important part of the Early Church. I like the idea that it is James, who came to see whether what he heard about Jesus was true,” another viewer wrote.

“I know it will cause controversy for some, but I hope we do get to see the brothers of Jesus,” a third commented.

Speaking to Film Chat, Dallas Jenkins addressed the prospect of seeing Jesus’ siblings; more specifically, how it’s already a divisive issue.

“Catholics believe in the perpetual virginity of Mary, and that Jesus did not actually have brothers, and that when it mentions brothers, that that’s just a general term for relatives, and it doesn’t mean actual siblings,” he explained.

“So I personally do not know yet if we are going to portray Jesus as having siblings. And that’s an honest answer. But I do know that, whether we do or don’t, it’s going to generate controversy.”

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