The Boys Season 4 is doing its own version of January 6

Cameron Frew
Homelander on a poster for The Boys

The Boys Season 4 has ramped up its political commentary, skewering right-wing fanaticism with the help of Homelander – and it’s set to do its own version of January 6.

On January 6, 2021, MAGA supporters, militant groups like The Proud Boys, and QAnon conspiracy theorists stormed Washington DC’s Capitol building.

They had a simple goal: to prevent Congress from formalizing and finalizing then-President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the election and keep Donald Trump in the White House.

It’s one of the most significant events of the decade, and given the superhero show’s blatant satirizing and mockery of the current political landscape, it’s not surprising that Season 4 Episode 7 revealed its own January 6 plot line.

Robert Singer in The Boys

In the latest episode, Billy Butcher, Hughie, and Starlight sneak into the home of the person hired to kill Robert Singer, the president-elect.

They find a dossier of Secret Service files filled with details of Singer’s movements in Washington DC on the day of the electoral count: January 6.

“That’s where they’re giving him the ol’ Dealey Plaza,” Butcher says, referencing the area where John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

This comes after Homelander, Victoria Neuman, and Sister Sage gathered the House Speaker and other powerful figures to plan a coup. Once Singer is dead, they want to invoke the 25th Amendment so Neuman can become the president.

While this may irk fans who’ve been critical of the show’s ramped-up political satire, one viewer has pointed out why it needs to happen.

“I know the show might be too political right now, but the whole January 6 thing is kinda the perfect moment to adapt the takeover that happens in the comics. Homelander will take over America before he dies, he has to,” they predicted.

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