The Boys is officially more popular than The Mandalorian Season 2

The Mandalorian and The BoysDisney/Lucasfilm/Amazon Studios

New streaming figures show that premieres for both The Boys season two and Stranger Things season three were streamed more than The Mandalorian on Disney Plus.

The Mandalorian may have many things, including a Baby Yoda, but can it quite match up to the supes in Amazon’s The Boys?

Both shows have received a lot of love from fans, with surprise twists and revelations leaving everyone wanting more.

The Boys season 2Amazon studios
The Boys season 2 with the new addition – Stormfront

Which shows have been streamed most?

In the ongoing competition between streaming services and shows, there is by far a clear winner – at least when it comes to opening weekends, anyway.

While The Mandalorian might be one of the most popular shows on Disney Plus, it’s up against a lot more when compared across different streaming platforms.

Data from has shown that The Boys season two premiere on Prime Video was streamed more than both seasons of The Mandalorian.

Reel Good data on The Boys, The Mandalorian and Stranger
The Boys season 2 premiere tops the latest streaming figures

The chart shows that The Boys not only beat the Star Wars series to the number one spot, but also overtook Stranger Things season three, with a 1.4% difference.

These findings were based on the activity of over two million US streamers, giving a vague idea of how successful each show has been on the whole.

Though The Mandalorian season two didn’t quite manage to hit the top, the fact it was an improvement from the first season 1 is promising for Disney Plus, especially as a relatively new streaming service compared to Netflix and Prime Video.

Not far behind the opening for The Mandalorian season one was Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, which surprisingly saw a great response from audiences.

Despite The Boys taking the lead, both shows have undeniably managed to maintain their success, continuing to grow in popularity and keeping fans hooked for what will hopefully be a good few more seasons.