The Boys: Is Homelander faster than A-Train?

Christopher Baggett
Homelander and A-Train from The Boys

A-Train has proven to be a lightning-fast speedster on The Boys, but is he faster than the terrifying Homelander?

The Boys Season 4 has had something of a redemption arc for A-Train. After nearly being forced out of The Seven because a heart condition was limiting his ability to run, he’s seemingly faster than ever thanks to a new heart.

But that speed isn’t necessarily unique. We’ve seen Homelander be, potentially, just as fast. It’s an old problem that comics have dealt with for years: What’s the point of a character like The Flash if Superman is just as fast, after all?

Fans on The Boys’ subreddit are having that debate now, asking if Homelander or A-Train is faster.

Fans are divided, too. One fan points to Homelander’s stamina, allowing him to outlast A-Train, saying, “A-Train can’t run forever. He also probably can’t actually harm Homelander.”

Another fan backed up this theory, saying “A-Train will tire out. Homelander’s endurance is probably much MUCH higher.”

Another pointed out that speed doesn’t matter much in a fight between them, saying, “Even if he couldn’t catch him, Homelander would probably lure him out by threatening to kill his family.”

Who is faster: A-Train or Homelander?

Based on what we’ve seen in The Boys, A-Train is definitely faster than Homelander. While Homelander is ruthless enough to cause problems for A-Train, that doesn’t account for raw speed. Homelander has an edge in a fight thanks to his other powers, but we’ve not really seen him move faster than A-Train.

“We saw EXACTLY how fast HLs speed was in one of the canon animated shorts where, while he was fast as f***, normal humans were still able to at least track him,” one fan points out. “A-Train tossed Homelanders apartment in the span of 1 second to figure out what Ashley did. He’s on a diff level.”

It may not be enough to matter in an actual fight, but regarding raw speed, it seems A-Train is faster than Homelander, and that’s the only metric that counts for this discussion.

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