The Bear has a missing character problem that Season 3 could solve

Jasmine Valentine
Carmy in The Bear Season 3

Season 3 of The Bear looks like it will be another tense family affair, meaning it might finally provide answers about one missing character.

As one of the best TV shows in recent years, it makes sense that excitement is mounting for The Bear Season 3. There are plenty of questions left to answer, but the series trailer might have already given away what one of those will be.

So far, the story has been very vague about Carmy’s dad, with it currently unknown what happened to him or whether he’s even alive. The Season 3 trailer shows that dead brother Mikey will be back for more flashbacks, possibly clarifying what happened to their dad after all.

So far, each season has had a distinct flashback episode. In Season 2, this involved a traumatic look at Carmy, Mikey, and Sugar’s relationship with their mom Donna — so it could therefore make sense that a Season 3 flashback explores the other side of the family.

Questions about Carmy’s dad doubled down after he was missing from the Season 2 flashback, which showed the rest of the family at a Christmas dinner. These questions have so far not been answered, but it’s possible that their dad could be the original founder of The Beef.

The new trailer features a flashback of Mikey and Carmy discussing the idea of opening a restaurant, which obviously becomes the show’s main setting. This could perfectly tie into another family explainer, bringing their father in to reveal the strings he might have been pulling behind the scenes.

As always, The Bear fans have their theories ahead of the Season 3 episodes. “I get the impression that the Berzatto patriarch left years ago and never came back and it’s currently a mystery as to what his ‘status’ is (alive or dead). I’m assuming alive because I’m sure he’ll pop back up at some point in the show’s run, for drama’s sake,” one fan weighed in.

A second added, “I’m guessing it’ll be brought up as a future plot point, between Carmy’s relationship building (or healing) with Donna and potentially explain why Donna was the way she was towards her kids.”

“Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Richie refers to Carmy’s dad as a deadbeat at one point. I don’t remember when though. So I assume his dad left rather than died. Either way, he’s been gone long enough that Carmy tells Cicero that he doesn’t really remember him,” a third clarified.

Who is right is yet to be revealed — and there’s a chance Carmy’s dad will stay a secret — but new episodes on June 27 will shed some light.

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