The Bear Season 3: Five guest stars we’d love to see

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Jamie Lee Curtis in The Bear Season 2FX/Hulu

The Bear fans were served up a veritable banquet of guest stars in the second season – so, here are some iconic faces we’d love to see pop up in Season 3.

Fans got to see Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto’s chaotic backstory and finally met some key characters like his mother. Also, the return of the elusive older brother often talked about in the first season. John Bernthal returned as Michael with Jamie Lee Curtis appearing as Carmy’s mother.

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But The Bear Season 2 did not stop there. The flashback sixth episode brought in Sarah Paulson, John Mulaney, Gillian Michaels, and Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk as Carmy’s family. The second season racked up a few more cameos like Olivia Colman as Chef Terry and William Poulter as Carmy’s friend and former colleague, Luca.

While The Bear Season 3 has not been given the green light yet, there are a few more guest stars we want to see appear on screen.

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Bo Burnham in his Netflix 2021 musical special Bo Burnham: InsideNetflix
Bo Burnham starred and created a musical special for Netflix titled Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham was mentioned in The Bear Season 2

During the seventh episode of The Bear Season 2, Bo Burnham is briefly mentioned as a Person of Note on the guest list at the restaurant where Richie was staging.

In the episode, Richie is doing some soul-searching and finding his purpose at a high-end restaurant. Catering to exclusive guests, celebrities, and more, it was no surprise that the show slipped in a notable celebrity.

But Burnham was only mentioned and would make a good guest star for The Bear Season 3. According to Reddit, fans also mentioned that the show creator, Christopher Storer, is also friends with the comedian and filmmaker.

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Storer was the producer for Burnham’s 2018 movie Eight Grade. As Carmy’s restaurant kicks off and will likely see some popularity, maybe Burnham will appear as a customer.

Joan Cusack in Shameless Season 2 as SheilaShowtime
Joan Cusack starred in a recurring role as Sheila Jackson In Shameless Seasons 1-5

The Bear Season 3 could have Joan Cusack as a guest star

The list of possible guest stars for The Bear Season 3 is endless, but with the atmosphere of the show, actor Joan Cusack is a good fit. While born in New York, Cusack grew up in Illinois and knows a thing or two about Chicago.

It’s safe to say she has what it takes to fit into the chaos of the Hulu series alongside Carmy and the rest of the characters. Fans can’t forget some of her iconic roles like School of Rock, Addams Family Values, High Fidelity, and plenty more.

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The question is what role would she play as a guest star in The Bear Season 3? A distant aunt or relative of Carmy and Sugar, or maybe of Richie or Fak, perhaps.

Vince Vaughn starred in the 2020 comedy slasher FreakyUniversal Pictures
Vince Vaughn played the role of the Blissfield Butcher in Freaky

Vince Vaughn would be a welcome cameo in The Bear Season 3

When it comes to comedy with a bit of an adult edge, Vince Vaughn is on every fan’s roster. The actor is well-known for his comedic roles in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Fred Claus, and The Watch.

Vaughn also grew up in Northern Illinois and currently owns a penthouse in downtown Chicago, so we would be a perfect fit for the show.

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Who wouldn’t agree that Vaughn as a guest star in The Bear Season 3 would not be perfect? Especially, if ruffling Richie’s feathers or having some relation to Neil in the handyman business.

Michael Mann speaking to Jamie Foxx during filming CollateralDreamWorks Pictures
Michael Mann directed the 2004 neo-noir action movie Collateral

Michael Mann is a Chicago native who could appear in The Bear Season 3

The Bear Season 3 could cater to a few Chicago natives as guest stars who are well-known in the entertainment industry like director and screenwriter Michael Mann. But fans may not realize that Michael Mann has some ties to the show.

The Bear Season 2 pays homage to Mann’s earliest movie Thief. A majority of its score is from the heist neo-noir heist action movie starring James Caan.

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It would only be fitting that Mann would appear as a guest star in the third season. With Carmy’s restaurant hopefully being a success, he can either appear as himself or as a patron.

Stephen Graham in 2021 British movie Boiling PointVertigo Releasing
The British movie Boiling Point starred Stephen Graham as head chef Andy Jones

Stephen Graham would create a Boiling Point and The Bear Season 3 crossover

Fans should keep an open mind when it comes to the possible guest stars for The Bear Season 3. Did anyone expect Jamie Lee Curtis to appear as Carmy’s mother?

One guest star that takes some convincing is actor Stephen Graham. Specifically for his role in the 2021 British drama movie Boiling Point.

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Graham played the role of head chef Andy Jones in one of London’s most prestigious restaurants. But he is on the edge as one night threatens to destroy everything he has worked for. The high-stakes and tense kitchen is also in a frenzy when a health inspector makes a surprise visit. Graham’s character shows parallels to what fans know of Carmy’s past working in a Michelin Star restaurant.

The Bear Season 3 could introduce Graham as a fellow restaurant owner or someone who understands what Carmy has gone through.

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You can catch up on all things The Bear here, like what will happen between Carmy and Sydney here, or a full cast list here.

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