Stranger Things theory says Eddie Munson’s D&D campaign spoiled Season 5

Josh Tyler
Stranger Things Season 5 will see Will and Vecna face off.

According to a fan theory, Eddie’s D&D campaign in the first episode of Season 4 is foreshadowing Stranger Things’ Season 5 epic conclusion.

Stranger Things ended Season 4 with an ominous teaser about where the show would go in its final season, including a final showdown with the villainous Vecna.

According to one fan theory, though, the outcome of that showdown may have already been revealed in Season 4’s very first episode.

The TikTok channel st5theories recently posted a video discussing the parallels between Eddie Munson’s campaign that Dustin, Erica, and Mike played in episode one, ‘The Hellfire Club’.

The TikToker points out that, while the campaign initially appears to be foreshadowing the events of Season 4, it actually might fit better with Season 5.

At the start of the campaign that we see, Vecna is believed to be dead (just as he is at the end of Season 4) but then reveals that he is alive (as he will, presumably, at the beginning of Season 5).

The Hellfire Club fights Vecna to the death until only two players – Dustin and Erica – remain. This would seem to indicate that most of the group will either die or not be able to participate in the final showdown with Vecna.

However, st5theories then reminds fans that Dustin, in trying to defeat Vecna, rolled an 11. Because this was not high enough to defeat Vecna, the Stranger Things TikToker speculates that Eleven will not be able to defeat Vecna on her own either in Season 5.

However, Erica then rolls a natural 20, which the TikTok seems to link to the D&D obsessed Will.

According to the video, the game foreshadows that it will be Will, not Eleven, that will prove to be the key to defeating Vecna once and for all.

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