Stranger Things: Eddie fans devastated by Season 5 images

Gabriela Silva
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson.

Stranger Things Season 5 may continue the fight against Vecna, but fans are still not over the tragic death of Eddie Munson – and recent behind-the-scenes photos are only making fans tear up.

While appearing as a new character for only one season, Eddie Munson became the most well-loved character in Stranger Things history. The beloved metalhead was the town “freak,” local dealer, and leader of Hellfire Club. By all accounts, fans sympathized with Eddie and his life from town alienation, losing his mother, absent father, and being an outcast.

Fans had speculated that Eddie would tragically die by the end of Season 4 – and they were right. He died a hero in the Upside Down, taking on demobats to ensure Dustin and the other’s safety. But fans were left angered, coming up with theories about how he could return and even starting a petition to bring him back.

But it seems fans’ deep-rooted desire to see Eddie return for Stranger Things Season 5 won’t happen.

Will Eddie Munson return for Stranger Things Season 5?

Based on set photos released on social media, Eddie is likely not to return as fans hoped as the images show Dustin next to Eddie’s vandalized grave.

Per X/Twitter, photos of the set reveal actor Gaten Matarazzo back in action but looking a little different. Fans were stunned to see his transformation and slight resemblance to his fallen mentor. He can be seen wearing a torn-up Hellfire shirt, a few rings, and a longer mullet.

The star of the show was what he was standing next to: by his feet is Eddie Munson’s grave. And to add to fans’ broken hearts, his tombstone reads, “Now at peace.” But what had many upset was the vandalism seen on the tombstone that seems to read “Burn” or “Burn in hell.”

After all, Hawkins hated Eddie and often called him a devil worshipper, with residents believing he was responsible for Chrissy’s murder. After he died, fans may remember how his uncle would periodically change his missing person poster because it would get vandalized. While fans and the characters remember him as a hero, the town will always see him as a villain.

The photos evoked emotional feelings among fans.

“‘Are you still in that Eddie Munson phase? It’s 2024 already’ HOW CAN WE STAY SILENT IF THEY PULLED SH*T LIKE THIS?!?,” said one fan on X/Twitter.

Another said, “Me and eddie munson if he doesn’t crawl out of the grave.”

“There’s a lot going on!!! Dustin wearing the Hellfire Club shirt and some rings (maybe in honor of Eddie Munson?), AND EDDIE’S GRAVE BEING VANDALIZED?????? I CAN’T STOP CRYING,” said one fan.

Another even took the opportunity to quote the now-famous grave scene from Saltburn. “This is me and Eddie Munson if you even care,” they said.

Others questioned if the Duffer brothers were having fun playing with their feelings. Since Eddie’s death, multiple theories have been spun about him returning as Kas. Fans got their dose as Eddie thanks to his prequel novel.

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