Stranger Things “poster theory” could be bad news for these characters in Season 5

Brianna Reeves
stranger things poster theory

Because of the Season 4 character posters, Stranger Things fans came up with a “poster theory” that may hint at what Season 5 entails.

As the wait for Stranger Things’ final chapter continues, fans have taken it upon themselves to try and predict how it will all come to an end.

Theories on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media forums have many anxious about what shocking twists may await. But one theory, in particular, continues to pick up steam.

The “poster theory,” as it’s called, spawned from the character posters that accompanied the rollout of Season 4. Its potential accuracy could mean trouble for a number of Stranger Things’ beloved heroes.

What is the Stranger Things poster theory?

Twitter user willow the wise created a short thread explaining the theory, which revolves around four characters – Max, Joyce, Jonathan, and Mike.

Netflix released 17 character posters for Season 4, each one highlighting a specific cast member. Every character stared dead ahead at the camera, except the four listed above.

Notably, in a pair of promo pictures depicting multiple characters ahead of Season 4, Max was the only one shown to be looking at the camera. This prompted Black Girl Nerds to question the Duffer Brothers about a possible secret meaning.

Of course, the creators couldn’t divulge much at the time but did tease that Max’s camera awareness foreshadowed “a challenging season for Max.” Anyone who’s watched the fourth season through to completion knows this couldn’t have proven more accurate. Fans speculate Max may have spotted Vecna, her attacker, off-camera.

With this in mind, Stranger Things faithful believe Joyce, Jonathan, and Mike could also face peril.

What does the poster theory mean for Stranger Things Season 5?

At first glance, the poster theory may seem a stretch. However, the other three characters who stare off-camera all have one thing in common – they’re special to Will Byers.

The theory posits that since Season 5 will further explore Will’s connection to the supernatural, his mom, brother, and Mike could become Vecna’s next targets.

stranger things poster theory

This seems the next logical step for Vecna’s suspected return, given that Season 4 ends with Will hinting that he can still sense the villain’s presence.

Should the poster theory prove accurate, there’s no telling whether Joyce, Jonathan, and Mike will make it through the end of Season 5. Even Max’s fate hangs in the balance following the events of the show’s fourth run.

When the cliffhanger will receive a resolution is currently anyone’s guess. Filming for Stranger Things Season 5 was reportedly locked in for mid-2023, but production was put on hold amid the ongoing writer’s strike.