Riverdale Season 7: Are Archie and Cheryl getting married?

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Riverdale Season 7 is loving messing with its many relationships, and Episode 4 hints at Cheryl and Archie tying the knot after the events of the make-out party.

Riverdale, the drama-mystery series that brought Archie Comics characters to life in various wacky ways, continues to make a name for itself in pop culture. We’ve watched the first three episodes, and you can read our review here.

This season – which is the show’s last – takes us back to the 1950s, but when it comes to teenage sexuality, there are no traditional 50s values here. In Episode 3 for example, we all saw the main cast getting steamy in a make-out party.

But Episode 4 has the teens face the consequences of their actions, as Cheryl and Archie suddenly plan to get married. But why? Let’s get into it, but first: Warning! Riverdale spoilers up ahead!

Archie and Cheryl plan to tie the knot in Episode 4

As can be seen in the promotional clip for Riverdale Episode 4, Archie and Cheryl are planning to get married, which is what they tell everyone around them. Archie even suggests, “What if we elope?”

Many are shocked, including Betty – who may or may not have growing feelings for Archie – and the supposedly engaged pair are shipped off to the psychiatrist’s office at school in order to take a compatibility test to determine whether they are mentally prepared to get hitched.

It seems like many other characters have a hard time believing it. And judging by Riverdale’s standards, obviously this isn’t your typical engagement – there are other motivations at play.

Do Archie and Cheryl getting married in Riverdale Season 7?

No, the pair are not getting married. Ultimately, they decided that getting married was not right for them, and maintained a friendship instead.

In Episode 4, after discussing it a lot, Archie and Cheryl don’t get married. but surprisingly, this is a rather heart-warming result, as they developed a deep friendship through the situation. Archie was able to be supportive in a way that Cheryl had never experienced, and now hopefully Cheryl may be able to face who she truly is.

In Episode 5, Veronica reveals that Archie and Cheryl have split up, stating, “in the end, they didn’t do much more than neck.” It seems like they both dodged a major bullet that would have impacted the rest of their lives.

And as of episode 6, it appears pretty unlikely that they’ll ever get back together. Archie is pining after Betty, and Cheryl admits to Toni that she likes girls and kisses her, stating that the proposed marriage to Archie was just a way for her to save face.

Why did Archie and Cheryl think of getting married?

For fans of Riverdale, things seem pretty clear: Cheryl was attempting to hide her sapphic sexuality by dating and marrying Archie.

As stated by executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa in an episode preview, “Cheryl Blossom, for reasons that only Cheryl understands, has told everyone at school that she and Archie went all the way.”

However, while this may have helped Cheryl avoid any LGBTQ+ scandals, pre-marital sex was still a big no-no back in the 1950s. Therefore, as Aguirre-Sacasa continues, “The only thing they could possibly do to save their reputations is get married.”

As for Archie, well, he likes to protect the women around him, and as Cheryl says, “Just know that by corroborating this story, you’d be protecting me.” So when Betty asks Archie, “Do you love her?” He earnestly responds, “I could.”

This plan for a relationship was pretty tame in comparison to other decisions that the characters have made in previous seasons – no demonic cults to be found here, just regular old societal expectations. Just another reason why Season 7 may be one of the best Riverdale seasons yet.

Riverdale is currently premiering weekly on the CW. To find out when you can watch it, click here.

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