Riverdale Season 7: Do Veronica and Reggie get together?

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Riverdale has many potential couples, one of which is Veronica and Reggie. But will the 1950s put them together in Season 7?

Love it or hate it, Riverdale, the drama-mystery series that brought Archie Comics characters to life in variously wacky ways, has certainly made a name for itself in pop culture. Now, the popular CW series is finally coming to an end, with its seventh season being its last – and it’s certain to go out with a bang. We’re enjoying the season so far, and you can read our review of the first three episodes here.

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The official plot for the new season is as thus: “The seventh season goes where no season has dared to go before – the 1950s! Picking up where last season ended, Jughead Jones finds himself trapped in the 1950s. He has no idea how he got there, nor how to get back to the present.”

This season may be set in the 1950s, but when it comes to teenage sexuality, there are no traditional 50s values here. Everyone’s shacking up together, and this potentially includes Veronica and Reggie. But will Veggie be endgame? Let’s get into it, but first: Warning! Riverdale spoilers up ahead!

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Riverdale sets up yet another couple

When Reggie Mantle first returns to Riverdale in Episode 8 – after being away so far this season – Veronica Lodge is instantly attracted to the mysterious and talented athlete, stating blatantly, “He’s a hunk.”

At first, he doesn’t quite respond to her flirting, leading to this interaction:

Reggie: Hey, Reggie Mantle. I just got recruited to the Bulldogs.

Veronica: Ah, I suspected a tall drink of water like you were a sportsman.

Cheryl: Careful, Veronica, you might get a ticket for speeding.

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However, the pair do end up getting closer in Episode 9, as she still finds time to flirt with him despite focusing her efforts on increasing patronage at the cinema she now owns. She even invites him to sit with her at the 4D movie she’s presenting:

Veronica: And you, Reginald? Shall I save you a seat beside me? I mean, surely you know what Jimmy Deane used to do in high school, I hope?

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Reggie: What’s that?

Veronica: He was a basketball star, Reggie. Just like you.

However, her business starts taking priority by the end of the episode, as she ends up leaving Reggie hanging for over half an hour while she takes calls, which may effect any relationship potential they have.

Will Veronica and Reggie be endgame?

For now, things are unclear if Veronica and Reggie will get together.

For starters, it seems like Veronica is too focused on her business to really have time for boys, which is understandable, especially as she’s been cut off by her parents.

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And if she was interested in boys, she still has some sparks left with Archie and surprisingly Jughead this season, meaning that Reggie would have to compete.

Finally, it kind of seems like this 1950s setting is a way for the show to inevitably repeat the past – or in this case, the future – as Veggie have been down this route before. To stay on theme of the movie-focused episode, let’s quote Taylor Swift: “I think I’ve seen this film before, and I didn’t like the ending.”

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Like many Riverdale relationships, Veronica and Reggie has the potential to burn bright, or burn out. True, Season 7 is still in its early days, so things could develop. And while we don’t know if they’re endgame, the potential of their relationship may certainly spark some interest.

Riverdale is currently premiering weekly on the CW. To find out when you can watch it, click here.

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