Riverdale: Are Veronica and Jughead endgame? The make-out party, explained

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Riverdale Season 7 has a steamy make-out party where everyone pairs up, including, surprisingly, Veronica and Jughead.

Riverdale, the drama-mystery series that brought Archie Comics characters to life in various wacky ways, continues to make a name for itself in pop culture. We’re loving this new season, and you can read our review of the first three episodes here.

This season – which is the show’s last – takes us back to the 1950s, but when it comes to teenage sexuality, there are no traditional 50s values here. Episode 3, which discusses the topic of sex education, features a steamy make-out party, where a number of characters pair up.

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Surprisingly, this includes Veronica and Jughead, and there’s later a possibility that the two could pair up for real in Episode 4. But will Vughead be endgame? Let’s get into it, but first: Warning! Riverdale spoilers up ahead!

Who pairs up at the Riverdale make-out party?

Episode 3 focusses on sexual education, or rather, how poor it was in the 1950s. And when you’ve got a group of sexually charged teens – a number of whom are repressed due to being LGBTQ+ – naturally the syllabus doesn’t cover everything these kids need to know.

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So when Betty discovers a book about sexuality at Ethel’s house – amongst other things – said book causes her to have some very scandalous dreams. She brings the book to Veronica, who then suggests the whole gang get together for a good old fashioned make-out party.

When the party happens, Veronica puts everyone’s name into random envelopes in order to select kissing partners. However, the party kind of devolves as everyone switches throughout the night.

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At first, there’s Cheryl and Fangs, Kevin and Midge, Betty and Jughead (#Bughead), and Veronica and Archie (“Because we’re endgame”).

However, Veronica only really gets one kiss in before Cheryl leads Archie off for more action, in order to prove that she likes boys. Betty tries to make the moves on Kevin, who she had dreamed about – but considering he’s gay, he’s obviously not into it, as much as he tries.

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Veronica ends up alone with Jughead, which out of the core four characters, seems like the most unlikely pairing. #Vughead isn’t quite as iconic a hashtag.

However, the two do end up bonding over monster movies and the book the Catcher in the Rye. And since Veronica is single during this make-out party, by the end of the episode’s events, she does begin considering Jughead as boyfriend material.

Will Veronica and Jughead, aka #Vughead, get together?

As of writing, it seems like any potential for a relationship between Veronica and Jughead is gone. Like many Riverdale relationships, they burned bright and ultimately burned themselves out.

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Veronica and Jughead did kiss in Riverdale Episode 4 (which you can watch below) and they seemed to have some pretty good chemistry with each other.

In Episode 5, they also have a good old flirt with each other. Veronica contends that that high school should be a place “where boys can chase girls, and vice versa.” She’s even been “feigning an interest in comic books” to get closer to Jughead.

However, as of the episode’s end, it now seems like Veronica may be over Jughead. As stated by TV Line, “Veronica’s assessment [was that] Jughead was particularly judgy about many people. Jughead might set himself apart, but he does tend to put himself on the moral high ground. It’s a shame it cost him any potential romance with Veronica. Just like a Riverdale romance, it was over before it ever began.”

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Now, Veronica seems much more interested in new kid Reggie, and Jughead is still, well, being classic Jughead.

True, Season 7 is still in its early days, so things could change. And while we don’t know if they’re endgame, the potential of their relationship may certainly spark some curiosity.

Riverdale is currently premiering weekly on the CW. To find out when you can watch it, click here.

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