Reacher fans can’t believe Season 3 star who’s bigger & taller than Alan Ritchson

Gabriela Silva
Alan Ritchson in Reacher Season 3 as Jack Reacher.

It seems that Jack Reacher has some competition, as Season 3 has cast a new villain that’s somehow bigger in stature than Alan Ritchson.

Reacher Season 3 has tapped Olivier Richters for the role of Paulie, a character from the books. Richters is notoriously known as “The Dutch Giant” and holds the Guinness World record for being the tallest bodybuilder.

He stands at a whopping 7’2″ and weighs 353lb. In comparison, Ritchson is 6’3″ and weighs around 230lb. While the star has been praised for accurately representing the hero as he was written, Ritchers is in another league, size-wise.

Paulie has been described as a “deranged bodybuilder bodyguard” to the new villain of the season, Zachary Beck, with the new season adapting the Child’s Persuader book.

As Child wrote in the novel, “he was a very big guy. I stand six feet five inches tall and I have to center myself quite carefully to walk through a standard thirty-inch doorway. This guy was at least six inches taller than me and probably ten inches wider across the shoulders. He probably outweighed me by two hundred pounds. Maybe by more.”

Fans have been left impressed by the impeccable casting for Paul and the series’s devotion to finding someone bigger than Ritchson and Reacher for the role.

“This is how you do it. Get a guy who is 7’2 345 to raise the stakes…for reference, Alan Ritchson is 6’3 240ish. Gonna be a real fun third season,” said one fan on X/Twitter.

“There’s someone….bigger than Reacher??” another wrote, with a third commentingL “He weighs 200lb more??? WTF.”

Some fans have described the two characters’s future fights in Season 3 as Godzilla versus another Kaiju.

“Did the math and if they keep increasing villain size at this speed by Season 9 Jack will have to fight Godzilla,” said one fan. “I would also love to see him battling a Kaiju and walking away complaining about his broken toothbrush in his jacket,” another wrote about Ritchers.

You may be familiar with a few of the new star’s other roles. He played Ursa in Black Widow and is credited as “Huge Machine Shack Guard” in The King’s Man. In the upcoming Borderlands movie, he plays the role of Krom.

Reacher Season 3 is currently in production and expected to release in 2025. You can read up on what happened in Season 2, the season soundtrack, and new TV shows to stream.