Prey producer says groundbreaking Comanche dub wouldn’t be possible in cinemas

Characters and the Predator from Prey on Disney+20th Century Studios

Prey, the new Predator prequel coming to Disney+, will be available to view with a full Comanche dub – the first film in history to do so. According to the film’s producer, it wouldn’t have been possible in cinemas.

1987’s Predator falls into the subset of ubiquitous movies; everyone’s heard of it, even if they don’t have a clue what it’s about, much like The Terminator, The Godfather, Forrest Gump, or Pulp Fiction.

Its success spawned a not-so-successful franchise: Predator 2 earned modest returns but wasn’t well-received critically; Predators was good, but made almost no impact; and The Predator was a moderate financial success, but was mauled by reviewers.

So, it’s not hard to see why Prey has landed on streaming. However, while fans may be sad to be missing it on the big screen, Disney+ has allowed for representation hitherto ignored.

Prey was originally all in Comanche

Prey follows Naru (Legion’s Amber Midthunder), an aspiring hunter and expert tracker in the Comanche Nation. Alongside her dog Sarii (Coco), she sets off to find a mysterious beast that’s skinned snakes alive and left buffalo carcasses in its wake. Is it a lion, or a bear? No, it’s a Predator.

The film is directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Dan Trachtenberg, who enlisted producer Jhane Myers to ensure anything regarding Native American history and culture was properly portrayed.

In an interview with Dexerto ahead of Prey’s release, Myers spoke about the movie’s evolution from the initial pitch. “Well, when Dan originally pitched this movie, it was supposed to be all in Comanche,” she said.

“When Amber auditioned, she auditioned one scene three ways: she auditioned in English; she auditioned in Comanche; and then Dan, having this unique directorial style, had her audition without any words.”

Prey Comanche dub wouldn’t be an option in cinemas

While Prey includes a mix of English and Comanche throughout – plus a little bit of French – Prey will be available to view with a full Comanche dub and subtitles, marking a world-first for the language in film.

The whole cast returned to re-record the film in Comanche. Myers believes this wouldn’t have been possible if the film was released theatrically.

“Yes, the fact that it is in Comanche, that can only happen by having a movie as big as this stream, because if it was in the movie theatres, it wouldn’t have that option,” she said.

“But when you’re streaming on Disney+, you’re able to hit that tile for Comanche, so you can watch it two ways: you can watch it in Comanche, and you can watch it next in English.”

Amber Midthunder in Prey, a prequel to Predator.20th Century Studios
Prey is coming to Disney+ this week.

Myers hopes the provision of a dub will be a paradigm shift for streamers, who may have been hesitant to make the effort until another platform took the leap.

She continued: “Hopefully this changes that paradigm that’s in Hollywood, because usually when it comes to the Native content, because they haven’t done it – if you haven’t done something, you’re kind of afraid, right?

“So if they haven’t done it, they always say, ‘Oh, we don’t have the budget for that’, or ‘Oh, it would be impossible to do a whole thing in a Native language’, which is not impossible, obviously, because this film proves that. So I think this film will be able to shift that paradigm for Native content, Native culture, and language.”

Prey hits Disney+ and Hulu on August 5.