One of the most controversial movies of the 2010s is getting a sequel 

Kayla Harrington
The main cast of Project X

Project X, one of the biggest and most controversial movies from the 2010s, is getting a sequel with an unexpected twist.

If you were a tween or teen growing up in the 2010s, then you undoubtedly heard of the controversial film Project X.

Directed by Todd Phillips (Joker), this found-footage style film follows three high school best friends as they try to throw a party in an attempt to become popular, but quickly find themselves in increasingly dangerous and wacky situations.

Though it was panned by critics who thought the movie glorified drugs and alcohol, Project X became a huge hit with the young crowd at the time and now, over a decade later, it’s getting a sequel with a fun and unexpected twist.

Project X sequel will focus on the ladies

According to movie insider Jeff Sneider, Project X will be getting a sequel titled Project XX sometime in the near future.

The big twist to the upcoming sequel is that the movie will focus on a trio of female best friends instead of a group of guys like in the original, hence why the title has two XX in it as it stands for both the sequel and female chromosomes.

While no cast has been attached to this project, many fans online already have their dream cast in mind consisting of Ayo Edebiri, Rachel Sennott, and Molly Gordon.

Project XX wouldn’t be the first raunchy comedy to pivot from having a male-led cast to a female-led cast in the sequel as it’s become a pretty well-known trend in Hollywood.

From American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules to Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, a lot of male-led comedies usually switch to a female-led cast in order to bring a fresh perspective to the movie’s message.