Nintendo & Netflix partner on Pokémon Concierge stop-motion animated series

Pokémon Concierge headerNetflix

A brand new Pokémon series has been announced, with the new series marking a first-time collaboration between the franchise and Netflix as the two team up for a new stop-motion show, Pokémon Concierge.

2023’s Pokémon Day Presents Livestream brought with it a plethora of new information, project announcements, and more for the Nintendo juggernaut franchise. 

However, one particular announcement has fans both excited and surprised, with Netflix confirming a brand new partnership with Pokémon in the form of a new series, Pokémon Concierge. 

What sets this new Pokémon project apart from the usual movies and anime is that it is a stop-motion project.

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In a press release, Vice President of Netflix content in Asia, Minyoung Kim, said that “Netflix is looking forward to delighting fans in Japan and around the world with Pokémon Concierge, an entirely new visual and storytelling experience featuring groundbreaking stop-motion animation set in the Pokémon world in close collaboration with The Pokémon Company.

“We’re also excited to reveal this new series on Pokémon Day and provide fans with even more things to look forward to on this special holiday celebrating the popular franchise.”

Pokémon Concierge teaser trailer shows off stop-motion

And while much of the project still remains a mystery, a brief teaser trailer was dropped with the confirmation of the series and can be viewed here:

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For those who may be unfamiliar, stop-motion is a particular style of animation where creators develop physical models of characters (often created from clay or similar material) which are then moved frame by frame to create each shot. 

It involves photographing and then physically manipulating objects within your frame. As each frame is played in sequence, the technique creates the effect of an object moving. 

The most famous and well-known examples of this type of work and from Aardman Animations, who have created the Wallace and Gromit franchise and many other stop-motion projects.

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